Super Mario Run to receive a new update this month

Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run is not one of Nintendo’s better games. But, it is an important one. Most people assumed Nintendo would never get into the phone gaming arena. Why risk giving less incentive to buy a 3DS (or 2DS)?

It appears Nintendo found a happy medium though with a game like Super Mario Run. Here is a game starring Nintendo’s most famous character. Instead of giving smartphone gamers a full console experience though, they tailor-made the game to fit mobile devices. In other words, it is meant for quicker gaming sessions. Unfortunately, it did not sell as well as hoped.

Nevertheless, Nintendo is supporting the game with new updates on September 29 according to the Nintendo UK Twitter.

As for some greater detail, Jon Fingas wrote on Engadget, “You can play as Daisy, for instance. There’s a new world (World Star) with new gameplay elements, and a Remix 10 game mode that randomizes parts of 10 levels for a fast, perpetually fresh experience.”

“You can also listen to your own music while you play, and your character will even don headphones to reflect that you’re not listening to the usual Super Mario themes.”

Like other authors believe, this just shows Nintendo is committed to supporting smartphone gaming. Nintendo followers should not expect a game such as Super Mario Odyssey for the Switch to find its way to phones. Rather, the company hopes to give casual gamers a taste of what to expect on the Switch and 3DS/2DS.

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