You’ll need brain-enhancing drugs to beat Lockdown (escape room review)

When we went on an escape room road trip to San Diego, we knew that on our list had to be Lockdown. They were one of the most established escape rooms in San Diego, having four rooms ready to experience.

We knew that we didn’t want to choose one of their easiest rooms because if you’re going to drive two hours south of Orange County, CA, you want to make sure your trip is well worth it. So we opted for its hardest room… ‘Science.’

“You’re a journalist and you’ve heard that some a well-known doctor has been providing athletes with his own concoction of performance-enhancing drugs. You’ve snuck into his lab to get some samples of these banned substances and in one hour the doctor will arrive to destroy any evidence that can land him behind bars.”

When I first walked into “Science,” I realized that the room is very wide open. I’ll admit that I was a little bit let down with the design. I’m not saying that I was hoping that there would be lab equipment scattered all around serving no purpose other than having visual appeal, but I do wish there was a little bit more. It was really hard for me to feel like I was in some type of lab or medical office.

The puzzles in the room were challenging and relied heavily on math, which is not a favorite of mine. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this is a bad thing. The puzzles do fit the motif of the room. But my personal preference and taste when it comes to escape rooms are the ones that have a sense of creativity and ingenuity to it.

One of the biggest faults that I felt the room had was that each puzzle was accompanied by a symbol. That symbol would then serve as a hint as to where the solution of that said puzzle would go. The only problem we had was the indicators were not laid out that well since we spent some time trying to decipher as to what shape or color we were looking at. And I would say half of the time, the hint would lead us to the wrong lock due to the fact that some symbols ended up looking very similar to others.

In the end, we were able to escape the science room by the skin of our teeth. I think we had about a minute or two left. And if you’ve done as many escape room as we’ve done, escaping with just a minute or two left is not a good feeling. That’s not at fault of the Science room, of course. As a room that’s rated “advanced,” it did its job very well. The Lockdown room is a very challenging one that will make you rely on your mathematical knowledge, which in the end, can make you feel intellectually exhausted or make you question that you should have really paid attention in high school algebra.

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