Can you outwit the Evil Genius Escape Rooms? (review)

After having done a few dozen escape rooms, you begin to hope that one day you’ll come across a room that does things differently. Yes, the concept is the same where you walk in a room and try to escape within the allotted time, but there’s something inside of you that yearns for something a bit more. Evil Genius Escape Rooms in Los Angeles has answered that question and gives us a new perspective.

Before I begin to dive into what makes Evil Genius Escape Rooms great, heed my words carefully. When you make a reservation, book both rooms that the company has. Trust me, it’s important. Doing so will ensure that your experience is well worth your time.

Chapter 1: Occam’s Apartment

Evil Genius is broken up into two chapters. The first being ‘Occam’s Apartment.’ The premise is that your friend Bill Occam has died. To make things more engaging, they said that it was a suicide, but that’s something you don’t believe. You’re tasked with cleaning out his apartment, and when you walk in, you realize that your friend has left several clues for you. These are clues that lead you to discover how he really died.

When first walking into Occam’s apartment, you can see that the creators really took their time with the set design. You truly feel like you’ve walked into an apartment of a lonely, paranoid single man. It was dimly lit, everything looked weathered and old, and the puzzles itself were also as creative as the room design. I won’t say what they were, but I definitely had some favorites. Puzzles range from very simple to moderately hard. Additionally, nothing in the room was too difficult to figure out. Overall, Chapter One was a great way to start off to what Evil Genius Escape Rooms has to offer.

Now when I mentioned that booking both rooms back to back was important, I’m not joking. The reason being is that if you complete the first room before the hour is up, any remaining time you have will get carried over to the next room. You will be thankful once you get to the second room.

Chapter 2: Norcross Art Gallery

Chapter two of Evil Genius Escape Rooms takes you into an art gallery. After completing the first chapter, the story continues where the evidence you’ve obtained takes you to an art gallery. It is there where you get closer to discovering who killed your friend Bill Occam.

Just like the first chapter, the set design in chapter two is well thought out and cleverly designed. At first glance, it does seem like you are in an art gallery, riddled with fine art pieces as well as audio commentary.

When we stepped into the art gallery and began to discover the puzzles, we realized that they are far more difficult than chapter one. The puzzles inside the art gallery do require that you pay attention to detail as well as have some serious patience. There were times where the puzzles left us scratching our heads. Since the puzzles were much more difficult than the first room, this is where the extra time really helps. There were moments where I felt like we weren’t going to make it out due to the fact that I felt we were burning some serious time with a few of the puzzles. But then I realized that we came into chapter two with close to twenty minutes of extra time, which in the end really helped us out since we were able to escape.

Final Reaction

Overall what Evil Genius Escape Rooms has to offer is a new spin on escape rooms… that is if you book the rooms back to back. If not, each room stands on its own as a challenging and creative experience that won’t let down any escape room enthusiasts or beginner. When searching for the top 10 escape rooms in Los Angeles, you’ll see that Evil Genius always makes that list, and after completing both chapters, I can see why they always make that list.

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