The Harvest Motel is the scariest escape room in San Diego

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If you’re a horror escape room enthusiast in the Orange County area, I suggest checking out Zoe in Fullerton and Hex Room in Anaheim. Zoe is the scariest escape room I’ve done in the Southern California area, and Hex Room has its own creep factor by separating your group into 6 different rooms. Now imagine these two rooms making sweet love together. The result would be The Harvest Motel in San Diego. It’s definitely the scariest room in San Diego, and you have to hand it to the creators, 3rd Day Escape, for creating an atmosphere that gives you shivers down your spine.

Synopsis: Guests will be split between 4 rooms upon Check-In. After entering a dream state you must work to unlock your respective rooms and come together to escape within 60 minutes before becoming a Permanent Guest at The Harvest Motel. It won’t take long to realize something is not right. A dark secret hides within these walls. An ancient evil…

Check out the trailer below.

The lobby is nice and fits with the theme of The Harvest Motel. To start things off, you’ll be in the dark before entering one of the four starting rooms. I was placed in a room with a friend, which had a closet, desk, and other items. The atmosphere was so scary that I tried to stay in the middle of the room as much as I can. Also, it doesn’t help that there’s a small opening that leads to darkness, and that is where things are lurking in the night. The clues are pretty challenging, but you can get hints. Here’s the kicker, only one room has access to the hints. But don’t worry, once the people in that room is free, you’ll be able to get aid.

The puzzles range from deciphering symbols to figuring out the meaning of a riddle. Teamwork is key since a room can have the answer to a puzzle in another room. To make things even more intense, there is an actor that roams around, and this led to the terrifying first half experience. That scare factor wore off in the third act, so a part of me did wish it would be able to maintain the chill factor throughout.

We were able to escape The Harvest Motel, and in the hour I was in there, I was screaming, yelling, and sweating. It was definitely one of our favorite and scariest escape rooms in San Diego, and I highly recommend checking it out.

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