NES Golf hidden inside every Switch

Nintendo might be taking forever to provide a proper Virtual Console service on the Switch. But apparently, an original 8-bit NES game is already inside the hybrid console – Golf. In addition, there is an NES emulator inside the console too.

Unfortunately, hackers made the discovery, so it will be impossible for most of the general public to access Golf.

But what does the find mean?

According to a PC Mag article, the hackers’ discovery could point to a future Virtual Console. It could also just be part of the setup for the predetermined games offered in the Switch Online service.

Author Matthew Humphries wrote, “When the Switch launched, it did not have access to the Virtual Console, but Nintendo does intend to launch a Switch Virtual Console at some point in the future. Access to retro games is also linked to subscribing to next year’s Nintendo Online Service, which will include access to collections of classic games.”

Also, here is one more interesting tidbit from the same article.

“Apparently the game has been updated to support use of the Joy-Cons, but also motion control while the Z{L/R} button is pressed.”

Motion control on NES Golf? Sounds great.

With the SNES Classic coming soon though and the NES Classic arriving again next year, it seems Nintendo has put the Virtual Console on hold. The retro consoles are making too much money for the company. Giving Switch owners a Virtual Console would lessen the need for Nintendo fans to go crazy over a miniature-sized NES or SNES.

The above logic is simply this writer’s speculation though.

It is possible Nintendo will prove doubters wrong and start a Switch Virtual Console after all. Maybe the Big N wants to wait until the craziness over the mini-consoles dies down before coming out with one.

On the other hand, Nintendo could be embracing the idea of keeping a tighter control over their retro games. Only a certain number of titles are available for the NES and SNES Classic. For Switch Online, no one should expect a huge library either.

Still, it is cool Golf is inside every Switch, even if no normal gamer could access it.

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