Lindsey Stirling shines in Dancing with the Stars season premiere

Credit: ABC/Lindsey Stirling’s Twitter

Stirlingites are breathing a sigh of relief. Lindsey Stirling and professional dance partner Mark Ballas passed through the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars with flying colors.

Just check out the review of Stirling’s dance on TV Guide:

“Lindsey has legs for days, and those legs were working for her tonight. She and Mark (Ballas) had sizzling chemistry (more bumping and grinding for these two, they were on FIRE!) and they made the whole routine look effortless and fun. Who knew an electric violinist would be one of two frontrunners this season?”

Also read the interesting description of Stirling on USA Today:

“For the grand finale of the night, we have violinist Lindsey Stirling who has the demeanor of a real life Nickelodeon character and Mark Ballas, who has an actual perm this season. As quirky as they are, they are very clearly the frontrunners after a show stopping Cha Cha Cha.”

The duo scored 22 out of 30 points while doing the foxtrot to “Don’t Worry” by Madcon.

Is it any surprise though? Anyone who has followed Lindsey Stirling throughout the years knows she can dance. Her violin playing is just one small part of the package. Playing the violin and doing some cool dance moves is routine for Stirling’s videos. In fact, she can dance, sing, cosplay and play video games.

Fans can continue to support the multi-talented violinist throughout the Dancing with the Stars season by voting for her.

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