Doom and Wolfenstein 2 are heading to Nintendo Switch

Yesterday, Nintendo aired their Direct presentation, showcasing a large number of titles for the 3DS and Switch line of consoles including headliners like Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra MoonXenoblade Chronicles 2, and Super Mario Odyssey. However, the biggest takeaway that got most mouths talking only took up 35 seconds of the Direct. That news was that DOOM and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus being released for the Nintendo Switch.

Wow. Just…wow. This is GREAT news for Switch owners. Hell, I own DOOM on PC where I also plan on getting Wolfenstein II, and now I want to get them both for my Switch as well. While we don’t have much info on the port of Wolfenstein II launching next year, DOOM is launching this holiday and we have some details from Engadget about this version.

Note: Fan mockup, not actual Switch gameplay.

For starters, this will include all the DLC and updates as the rest of the versions, but will not include the SnapMap level editor. Also, if you’re planning to buy the game physically, only the single-player campaign will be on the cartridge and the multiplayer mode will have to be downloaded for free. Bummer. However, most people who played DOOM did not care much for SnapMap or the Multiplayer, though there are some that do and I can’t fault them for it- so this isn’t too much of a loss.

Since the Switch’s reveal in October last year, Skyrim has been confirmed for console and that’s all we thought the Switch would be getting from Bethesda year one. Knowing that we’re getting a port of DOOM before the year is over and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus later down the line only shows how much faith Bethesda has in Nintendo’s hybrid console. It seems that other publishers are following suit too with Resident Evil Revelations and L.A. Noire also coming! Here’s hoping that this is just the beginning for great third-party support on the Nintendo Switch.

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