What are the Top 5 Lindsey Stirling music videos?

Former 2010 America’s Got Talent failure Lindsey Stirling proved everyone wrong over the past decade. Starting with her YouTube videos, which included a number of cool video game covers, Stirling steadily amassed a large following over time.

She also released a couple of original albums too. The last one titled “Brave Enough” reached the No. 1 spot on iTunes about a year ago. “Shatter Me” (2014) and the self-titled album (2012) both achieved success as well.

In addition to her flourishing music career, Stirling also will take part in a new season of Dancing with the Stars with professional dancer Mark Ballas. The popular celebrity dancing competition on ABC will start up again on September 18 at 8 p.m.

But what are the Top 5 Lindsey Stirling music videos (including original music and covers)? Here is one man’s opinion below.

1. Shadows

Lindsey Stirling’s catchiest song is also her best one. “Shadows” just keeps going at a steady pace with the electronic backing, while her usual violin hooks draw the listener in. Furthermore, the concept is creative. The video shows Stirling playing her instrument while doing some cool dance moves, while the shadow behind her plays in sync. But the shadow does not follow the dance moves exactly and goes off on its own, so it is never boring to watch both her and the shadow. It is perfect.

2. Zelda Violin Duet

Most readers would simply put the normal “Zelda Medley” video featuring Lindsey Stirling up here, but this one is better. As can be seen in the still image, Stirling is playing with a duplicate of herself. The “twin” sister is filling in parts that cannot be done with just one violinist. But the music sounds live, which is a plus. Furthermore, she looks cute in both yellowish outfits (yes, physical appeal counts in music videos). As for the medley itself, it is hard to mess up The Legend of Zelda music.

3. Transcendence (Orchestral)

The orchestral version of “Transcendence” is not one of Stirling’s more watched videos. It should be though, as the storyline is interesting. She begins in an abandoned theatre, and finds an old violin. So far, the colors are flat and void of saturation. But once Stirling plays the broken-down instrument, her dress turns blue. She then goes off into the city and runs into various depressed people, and they become uplifted as the music’s pace picks up. Everything becomes more rich in color once Stirling plays the violin and changes everyone. For fans of the movie Pleasantville, this is a good music video.

4. Final Fantasy Medley

This writer did not realize a “Final Fantasy Medley” by Lindsey Stirling existed until a day or two ago. Alas, it does and is fantastic too. The beginning part really tugs at the heartstrings when the Aerith theme comes on. Plus, Stirling is a good fit for almost any female Final Fantasy character. From Aeith, to Lightning and Yuna, the dubstep violinist just looks the part each time. If she attended any gaming or anime convention as one of those characters, Stirling would be quite successful.

5. Phantom of the Opera

First of all, the cover itself is fun and fast-paced. As for the video, it also gives the viewer a reason to watch besides the cover itself. Stirling enters an abandoned stage, this time in a smaller location than a theater. She stares off into the light, and out of nowhere a band and crowd appears. Everything turns into color too. Stirling goes off into different locations during the cut scenes. At one point, she plays in a beautiful, white dress in front of an empty formal theater. She also ends up in a snowy cemetery, dressed in a cute red and black hood as well. (Spoiler) But it all disappears at the end. Brilliant.

The 30-year-old violinist and performer made her dreams come true in a workman-like fashion through YouTube. Hopefully, Lindsey Stirling’s career continues to flourish for many more years to come.

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