Romoss SE10 Longuard Portable Battery review

Romoss has made an impact in the power bank market by offering high-quality products. Each of their products is designed specifically to fit your needs. But what sets Romoss apart is their desire to make their products better. Their newest power bank, the SE10 Longuard, is more than an upgraded version of the Ace 10.


  • Ultimate Battery Lifespan with over 1000 charging cycles
  • 10,000mAh Dual Output with dual 2.4A outputs for a total output of 4.8A
  • Micro USB and Type-C input
  • Rapid Recharge, fully recharged in 4 hours
  • Fit Charge auto-detects the optimum voltage and input current of your device

The main change to the SE10 is the addition of the Type-C input. This allows you to use your current Type-C cable if you own a Samsung device. The SE10 also auto-detects the fastest voltage for optimal charging with the fastest rate being 2.4A. For devices that have different charge rates, the SE10 will adjust to the plugged-in device to ensure it is safely charged. And to prevent overcharging, the SE10 is set to an auto-sleep mode. The power bank will automatically charge once plugged. When the device reaches 100% charge, it’ll stop the current even if still plugged in. The SE10 will also enter sleep mode once you unplug your device should you remove it before reaching 100%.

Hands On

Romoss created a really handy power bank with the SE10 Longuard. The small size makes it easy to travel with. Easily slides into your pocket or backpack. It does have some weight to it which could be due to the sturdy design. Romoss recommends not dropping it, so despite it being thick and heavy, it might be fragile. The dual port is common is most power banks, so it’s natural that it also has 2 ports. Being an upgraded A10, the SE10 takes the headache of knowing what rate charges what device. Just plug it in and forget it. With the auto-sleep mode, I’ve found myself returning to my phone and wondering why the power bank was turned off. It’s a convenient feature seeing as I usually forget to unplug after awhile.

Final Reaction

If you’re in the market for a power bank, Romoss has you covered. With so many different options to choose from, you’re bound to find one that fits your needs. The SE10 Longuard is a step up from its predecessor, the A10. And the subtle changes make a huge impact to keep up with current devices. The 10,000mAh battery size will have you charging your phone or tablet several times before needing a refill. And the quality that Romoss is known for will have you keeping your SE10 for several years before needing a new one.

Rating – 5/5 Atoms

You can purchase the SE10 Longuard now at

An SE10 Longuard Power Bank was provided by Romoss for this review.

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