Patty Jenkins confirmed to direct Wonder Woman sequel

After months and months of deliberating- and hoping that the studios would come to their senses- we finally have the answer we’ve been all waiting to hear: Patty Jenkins WILL direct the Wonder Woman sequel!

To many who are unfamiliar with the situation, after the historic success of the film of the titular heroine it all seemed but natural to hand the franchise to the woman that caught lightning in a bottle. It was a surprise to many to find that it was never set in stone, and that the possibility of the guaranteed sequel became all too real. According to THR, however, that nightmare is finally over!

While the details are scarce, what we do know is that the negotiations were “challenging,” which kicked off after the film’s $102 million opening weekend. The negotiations continued in the following months, all the while Wonder Woman became an even bigger hit, grossing more than $400 million domestically and $800 million worldwide. Now, Jenkins will return to direct and co-write, and has reportedly already begun work on the script with Geoff Johns. The biggest detail about the final deal is that it will set a historic precedent, as Jenkins becomes the highest paid female director of all time.

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Source: THR

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