Resident Evil: Revelations 1 and 2 to have unique features on Switch

Resident Evil: Revelations
In case you missed out on Resident Evil: Revelations, do not fret because it recently came out on PS4 and Xbox One last month and will be coming out on the Switch along with its sequel on November 28th in the U.S. and Europe. Switch owners are able to get both games at a package deal for $40 or they can buy them separately for $20 each.

Thankfully, the Switch versions of these games will have unique, optional features beyond the system’s portability. Motion controls utilizing the two Joy-Cons will allow for swift movements like using the right Joy-Con to aim, swing your knife, flick up to reload, and the left Joy-Con to shake off enemies. Raids can also be played in both games online and in Revelations 2, and you can pass another player a single Joy-Con to play together.

This along with the news of L.A. Noire being ported to the Switch only means that the console’s third-party support is growing slowly but surely. Since I missed out on the Resident Evil: Revelations games, I know I’ll be getting them on my Switch to show my support for third-parties on Nintendo platforms.

Resident Evil: Revelations originally came out on the Nintendo 3DS in January 2012 and was later ported to the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii U. Resident Evil Revelations 2 released episodically on current and last gen platforms with the exception of Nintendo systems, meaning that Capcom will finally give its due to Nintendo on November 28.

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