Logitech’s G mouse and keyboard are designed for wireless gaming

logitech g613 wireless mechanical keyboard

Ask any PC gamer if they prefer wireless or wired and they’ll probably laugh in your face. While wireless mice, keyboards, and controllers are convenient for single-player games and casual gamers, the most die-hard players will prefer wired due to its low input lag. Though it’s possible that if there were a solution to get the same amount of performance without the need for wires, most would probably take it.

This is where Logitech G’s line of wireless G613 keyboards and G603 mice come in. Who says high-performance gaming has to include wires? Both of these mechanisms feature light-speed wireless connections, guaranteeing a 1ms response time and AA battery power that lasts for 500 hours on the mouse and 18 months on the keyboard.

The HERO (High Efficiency Rated Optical) sensor provides exceptional accuracy and precision at 12,000 DPI for both the mouse and keyboard. The keyboard also contains programmable G keys and the mouse has two extra programmable buttons on the side. The mouse has a switch that programs the settings to either high (1ms response time) or low (8 ms response time). Also, thanks to Bluetooth Connectivity, you can easily connect these two to any computer or laptop in a snap!

These devices are available at the suggested retail price of $69.99 and $149.99.

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