Honest Trailers brings Kong: Skull Island director to critique his film

Kong: Skull Island honest trailers

Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the director of Kong: Skull Island, has been vocal about his distaste for a certain YouTube channel that pointed out gripes in his film. ::cough:: Cinema Sins ::cough::

Check out Vogt-Roberts’ tweets as he gives them a taste of their own medicine by picking their video apart.

Anyway, another entertainment channel, ScreenJunkies, has released a new Honest Trailers video, and yes, it’s for Kong: Skull Island. What makes this one particular special is that they were able to bring Vogt-Roberts on board to give his own criticisms about his film.

The video goes about its usual self as it pokes fun at the film until Vogt-Roberts disrupts it to give his own critical take. That’s pretty awesome to see a director open about his film’s flaws. These include the structural problems, the jam-packed cast, and setting up the film with the cast together only to have them separated ten minutes later.

However, there’s one thing that Vogt-Roberts will defend, and that’s the numbers of helicopters. One reason? Who wants to pay money for a King Kong film to not see him destroy helicopters from the sky?

With Kong: Skull Island now available on home video, the next film to anticipate in theaters is Godzilla: King of the Monsters. That one is expected to be released on March 22, 2019.

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