Final Fantasy XV on Switch unlikely to happen (but not ruled out)

Final Fantasy XV
Switch owners are a demanding group. They want the same kind of games seen on other consoles, but their system cannot always handle them. Take Final Fantasy XV for example. A week or two ago, rumblings of a Switch version came about when director Hajime Tabata hinted his team might work with Nintendo’s console. He never gave any direct confirmation though.

Furthermore, if his recent PAX West comments are any indication, the Switch is not a good fit. Final Fantasy XV offers breathtaking visuals with a special engine. The team would need to adapt the game somehow to account for less power.

Tabata spoke to DualShockers.

“They tried to test the Luminous Engine (which is the engine powering the game on PS4 and Xbox One) on the platform, and they figured out that at this point in time the team can’t ‘bring out the most of the engine’ on the Switch,” writer Giuseppe Nelva reported. “Tabata-san then clarified … the team did not do any specific optimization to the Luminous Engine.”

Therefore, a small chance remains if they can figure out how the engine will work on the Switch better. But Tabata also spoke to IGN and suggested the team needs to move on.

” … at the end of the year, I think we do have to have a drawing of the line and moving on to do the next project.”

Fair enough.

Final Fantasy XV had been in development since 2006 before its 2016 release on PS4 and Xbox One. Currently a Windows version is slated for 2018. While Switch owners would welcome the title, Square Enix could use those resources elsewhere.

All hope is not lost though. Final Fantasy XV may never come to the Switch, but Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition looks like it could fit on there decently enough. With the Switch touted for its portability, it could be a great addition. Maybe.

Okay, perhaps the pocket edition would not make Switch owners too happy.

The Switch will never pick up every “Triple A” title from third-party developers though. Whatever ports Switch owners can get their hands on considering the console’s power should be considered a bonus. The Switch’s uniqueness makes it tricky.

On the other hand, companies are not immune to cashing in. Perhaps if demands for a real Final Fantasy XV on Switch continue, Square Enix will eventually give in. Again though, taking time to fit the engine on the Switch is the problem.

How long would the wait be if it ever happened? Considering the depth of Final Fantasy XV, probably a long time.

If not, how about a special chocobo racing title on the Switch? It does not need to be so graphically intensive. Just throw in chocobos and online features, and fans will buy the game. Think about it Square Enix. Make Chocobo Racing 2019 happen.

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