Destiny 2: Console vs PC

The Destiny 2 PC beta came and went. And with the console launch just a few short days away, players will face a choice: remain on their console of choice, or move to PC. With both betas behind us, the choice is easier since we’ve been able to experience both. I made a case last year that Destiny just plays better on consoles. Gameplay is optimized for a controller, but first-person shooters have been dominating on PC. For the last 20 years, FPS games were almost meant to be played on a PC. Console shooters had their ups and down and changes until Halo pretty much standardized how a console FPS should play. And seeing how Bungie made both Destiny and Halo, they play very similarly.

I’m a bit torn on what I prefer after playing both the PS4 and PC beta. Playing Destiny for the past few years on the PS4, it only feels natural that I would continue that journey. And with that, I would also get to keep my guardian as well. But the PC would allow a fresh start with friends you’ve known for a long time courtesy of Blizzard’s For starters, veteran PC gamers would feel like Destiny 2 was meant for the PC. Some key stand-out features allow for amazing visuals:

  • Uncapped framerate
  • 4K resolution support
  • Mouse and Keyboard support
  • Controller support
  • Custom key mapping
  • Text chat
  • Adjustable field of view
  • 21:9 monitor support

Keyboard & Mouse or Console Controller?

Destiny 2 on the PC really brought a new experience that I can’t get on a console. Aiming is just night and day. The beta was just enough to really get me interested in the PC version. As with most FPS games on a PC, Destiny 2 felt natural. WASD control and the use of both mouse buttons. Space to jump and shift to run. Its modeled and plays exactly how an FPS PC game should play. Playing the same starting level and online matches on both give you a good feel for what works for you. On the PC, I often feel like the challenge wasn’t there since it can be easier with the keyboard and mouse. Throw in some crucible matches and it all goes out the window. You’re either good or you’re not, but that can be expected with any PC game.

My only issue is how extensive the Destiny 2 can be on your gaming rig. PC enthusiasts won’t have to worry about that seeing as most constantly upgrade with the newest pieces. Destiny 2 utilizes the best and runs well with it. But those with computers that are a few years old will see themselves with some lag or lower than expected visuals. And according to, upgrades may be required as the game progresses. But in the end, I still feel like Destiny plays better with a controller in hand. And my preference is a PS4 controller.

Destiny 2 hits the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 6th and PC on October 24th!

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