Warriors All-Stars brings characters from Koei Tecmo (review)

Warriors All-Stars
Warriors All-Stars is inspired by Dynasty Warriors which took inspiration from Romance of the Three Kingdoms. And just like Dynasty Warrior, it is a fight between clashing clans for the right to rule. Another similarity is that there are 3 factions in this game: Tamaki, Shiki, and Setsuna. Each faction has a character dedicated to each clan. The twist to this is instead of just Dynasty Warriors characters, they also included characters from other intellectual properties of KOEI and Tecmo. It may sound like you will be playing with a lot of characters, but unfortunately, this is one of the smallest, if not, the smallest roster of playable characters in any Warriors type game from KOEI. And I find that shocking!


Since it’s inspired by Dynasty Warriors, Warriors All-Stars still follows the game in its linear storyline. The country is dying and only the ruler can save it. To do so, heroes were summoned from another universe to help fight. But something went awry and the heroes got sent to another area of the country, and now other family members are stepping up to the plate to claim the right to rule. Each faction is trying to be in control of the lands and save the nation in their own way. And with the help of the heroes that were summoned and sent to their lands, they now have the power to fight for the right to rule. The one to rule will help heal the nation and save everyone. Of course, each faction’s leader has a reason on why they should rule the lands.


If you have played one Dynasty Warriors game, you have pretty much played them all. In Warriors All-Stars, you choose a “Hero” and you go around kicking ass and chewing bubble gum, but you are all out of gum. And along the way, you get a chance to pick up allies to help you in your cause. They did add dodging and locking on. Furthermore, they all pretty much have the same move list consisting of 6 square button attacks and 6 triangle button attacks. So it is a button masher’s dream. Some strategy is needed for higher level bosses, of course. Like previous Dynasty Warriors games, the bosses will spam their most powerful attacks until you stop it. So just be prepared to be annoyed if you are looking to challenge a high-level boss when your low level. You’ll be able to wait it out for some bosses because they are just buffs, but others will have an offensive attack strong enough to take you out in a couple hits.

Warriors All-Stars has a slight twist in which you will have a five-person party with one leader. One would think that they could be able to switch between the 5 different players, unfortunately, you cannot. You can only change the order that they support you using their “Hero Skill”. The Hero Skill is your R1 button and depending on the character. It either does an offensive attack, defensive (shield creation), or an attribute buff. And the R1 attacks can also be used in combination with your other team members. Sometimes it is just both their Hero Attacks activating at the same time. Or depending on the character you choose and people in the five-person party, they will create a different Hero Skill attack. Only some of the characters can perform a new Hero Skill with others, but a downside of it is the character you choose may have its compatible Hero Skill partners in different clans, meaning you will have to go for a true ending path.

Masou Fever

A new feature that I like is Musou Fever. You press R3 once you receive enough Star Tokens to activate it, and you have a 20-second countdown to kill as many enemies as you can. You will see your allies on screen cheering you on. The more you kill the more of your allies appear on the screen. Some even partake in the event by taking out enemies from the gallery. Unfortunately, those kills do not count unless it is a high ranking enemy, but at least everyone is having fun. And once the 20 seconds are up, your allies join you on the field and a big explosion happens. Picture the Power Rangers doing their ending pose as they kill the enemy with a big explosion behind them. This is the best way to earn money, cards, materials, XP, and other items. There will be also another timed event called Rush Battle. Similar to Musou Fever, an unlimited amount of enemies will show up. And as you defeat them, more high ranking enemies start coming out and attacking you. This was a good way to level up for me. Even in this “event”, you can go into Musou Fever.

Warriors All-Stars has a couple of annoying things. One of them is having to rescue officers as part of the gameplay and they are always located on the other side of the map. Now, this was solved in previous Dynasty Warriors games by using a horse preferably the Red Hare, which was the fastest horse in the game. In fact, any horse would suffice in reaching those officers. But in this game, they do not have horses or mounts. Instead, they are using the sprint system which was introduced in the One Piece and Hyrule Warriors games. But even though they are “sprinting,” it feels like they are still slower than riding a horse.

Story mode has 12 different endings, 4 for each faction for sure. There are probably more but I have not been able to unlock those yet. After you beat the first battle, you open up more of the map giving you a chance to unlock other characters to join your crew. You also open up a headquarters where you can do various things such as go to an onsen/hot spring, upgrade cards and use materials, talk to characters you have picked up/unlocked, play in the arcade, and play volley ball. As you gather more teammates, you can expect to see them in your headquarters and maybe even in the hot spring. As you take your teammates to more battles, you will earn their trust more and in doing so unlocking abilities.

Final Reaction

Warriors All-Stars can be beaten in a couple of hours but still fun. You have to be a fan of the Dynasty Warriors style of gameplay to enjoy this. I know not many of my friends like these kinds of button mashing game, but to me sometimes you just have to step away from those FPS, RPG, and MMOs and lose yourself into these kinds of games.

Rating: 4.5/5 Atoms

The game was provided by the publisher for review.

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