MunchPak Unboxing: Time to get your snack on!

Specialty boxes and packs filled with goodies are becoming huge and now, the food world is taking notice and giving us something for our stomachs! Snack lovers rejoice! We got something for us! Introducing the MUNCHPAK!!!

What exactly is the MunchPak?

Well, MunchPak is a monthly subscription box of snacks from ALL OVER THE WORLD (Over 55 countries). Yes, all over the world. Even parts of the world you didn’t know you could get snacks from because of restrictions! We received a pack and we decided to check it out just for you.

MunchPak also has an app that tells you all about the snacks and if you love it, you could order more from them! Whaaaa?!?! You can download the app on Google Play or iOs.

I honestly guessed where each snack came from based on the packaging, then I scanned to see if I was correct.

We opened the box to find a note from MunchPak! Each MunchPak is designed for YOU! So, we are told WHO packaged this box with LOVE! In our case, Roxanne packed this box for us! Thank you, Roxanne!!!

So, the first snack we see is called Piraque Presuntinho – which is Portuguese for Prosciutto and in CRACKER FORM! When I first looked at the snack, I noticed the label said Product of Brazil. I’ve never had a Brazillian snack before, so I tried it and it was pretty good. I thought the images were of lemons, so I tasted it and thought, okay, this is definitely ham flavor. So I scanned it with the snack-scanner and Voila! Piraque Proscuitto! If you like it, you could order more from them for $3.00!

Brazil, check!

So, the next one, I was a bit confused and happily surprised that I got a snack from Pakistan! I love Pakistani foods and snacks, which I’ve only had when I was in Asia because I thought they were hard to get in the states. But, LOOK!!! It’s U “n” Me by Giggly!!!

I got a snack from Pakistan! It’s a hard candy shell and it is peach flavor. I love this! If you’d like more, you can get it for $3!

The next thing I pulled from the MunchPak was Chik Chak from Oppenheimer USA! I know, you’re thinking, it’s an American company, but it’s made in Israel and distributed by an American company. Chik Chak is an Israeli snack that is a cracker cube that is seasoned with onion. It’s pretty good and simple. I took it with me to a con and it held up pretty nicely. And, it’s all for $1. Sweet.

Snack from Israel, CHECK!

Next up… I GOT A WAFFLE SNACK!!! And, yes. After the video, I gobbled that thing up like it was second breakfast. The snack, which I can’t pronounce, is a vanilla waffle cake. It’s super soft and FILLING. This doesn’t need to be heated, but it tastes better heated. This snack was for $3.00 – worth it! Russian snack, Check!


The next snack comes from what I thought was New Zealand, but I the app said the Netherlands!!! I think they made a mistake because, in the description, they actually say New Zealand. So, I’m going to give these points to me. I’m not a fan of licorice, but this is supposed to be raspberry flavor and licorice is supposed to be good for runners. So, I did try this during a run and it was sweet and helped with my craving during the run. But, it’s nice to try a Kiwi snack, especially since this costs $3.00!

So, people seem to think I don’t like pineapples, but I LOVE pineapples (just not on pizza). So, when I got this A’usome snack from China, I was excited to try it. It was very sweet and pineapple flavor. It actually helped carve my dehydration cuz it made my mouth water. I originally thought this snack was from the Middle East or North Asia because of the writing, but it’s from China. So, go figure! It was delicious and was only $3! Worth it for something sweet!

So, when I first saw this, I thought… ZOTZ: Fizz Power Candy! It’s probably like pop rocks but in hard candy form. It was! Being from the states, which this candy is from, I’ve never heard of it and TRUST ME, I eat candy. So, I gave this blue raspberry a taste and it was a simple hard candy with a little fizz feeling. It was good and for $2, it’s great to share with colleagues!

So, I’ve had a lot of snacks from Japan before. I shop at Japanese and Korean markets often, but I have not seen this cookie before: Yaokin Obasan Chocolate Chip Cookie. It’s not just a regular chocolate chip cookie. I bit into it. The chocolate is inside and melty – the good kind of melty. OMG. The chocolate just oozed. You don’t need to refrigerate this and I don’t recommend you to. The cookie was a regular dough mixed with coconut. Shoot. I ate BOTH. The $2 was worth it!

Next up, Couque D’Asse AKA Crown White Couque D’Asse from South Korea.

So, as I was saying, I shop at Korean markets too and I’ve actually seen this product. They are little cake crackers with filling inside and chocolate swirl on the outside. You get several wrapped ones inside and they’re great for on the go and portion control. It’s actually cheaper on MunchPak than at the stores – because, yes, I buy this. OMG, it’s so addicting. You can’t just have one. If you love cake, but feel guilty about eating cake, this is the snack for you.

Next up, the Amori Chocolate Cookies from Brazil.

I thought since we got a Brazillian snack already that this may be from another country, but I honestly had NO clue where. I even researched the brand’s name, but thank goodness for the Snack Finder app. This is from Brazil! So, another Brazillian snack! It’s very similar to Oreos, but it does come in different flavors. Plus, it’s for $1! So, that’s pretty cheap for a snack from another country.

Our final snack, which isn’t technically a snack, is a drink from what I thought was the Ukraine:  Obolon Zhivchik Apple Soda. When I researched it a bit more, it’s sold in the Ukraine and in Russia. So, technically, this could be either. It’s an apple soda drink and it was really refreshing! It was fizzy like a soda, but still tasted like juice. So, it was pretty good. I have not seen it in stores or international stores (World Market). So, if you’d like to try a Ukrainian or Russian drink, this is your chance.

So, you’re probably wondering what this box is going to cost you. Fortunately, MunchPak made it easy for you to choose according to what you can afford and how often you actually eat snacks.

As you determine how often you want it, you save by buying in advance.

If you are a very particular person, you can also customize your MunchPak for a small fee – so that way you can have it the way you want it and not random. I particularly like random because it takes me out of my comfort zone.

Also, if you want a drink, you can add it for a small fee.

Then you enter your information and for the PROMO CODE. You can actually enter NERDREACTOR to save you $3!!! We’re all about the money savings! Trust me, we get nothing out of the promo code. I’ve used it to buy more Couque D’Asse AKA Crown White Couque D’Asse.

THEN BOOM! Snack time!


So, I got about $30+ worth of snacks that I could probably not find in stores. For the type of person I am, I love to eat and try new foods, so this is good for the foodie in me. I go to a lot of cons and have to bring a lot of snacks, so this is actually pretty fun to have. It’s also a great conversation starter when I go to cons and share these snacks with fellow con-goers.

To purchase your MunchPak, click here. Tell us what you think of these snacks if you’ve had them!

Check out our video below on the unboxing and then our other video on when we scanned them to see if we were right!

MunchPak came around at a time when there was nothing of its kind. In the beginning, MunchPak was a simple idea dreamt up by Michael Beletz and Andrew Hawel in a living room to get international snacks to the masses all from one single place. This dream soon became a reality and in November 2013 MunchPak was born. After about six months of running MunchPak with just two people, Michael and Andrew quickly realized they would need to bring more devoted snackers onto the team for MunchPak to reach its full potential of becoming the very best snack delivery service. As of early 2016, the MunchPak team has grown to more than 15 people dedicated to expanding your snack horizons.

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