Finn and Han Solo to appear in Star Wars: Forces of Destiny

For fans of Star Wars: The Force Awakens who loved Finn and can’t wait to see him again, that opportunity will come sooner than expected. Although Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, a new animated series of shorts, focuses on female characters in the Star Wars universe, upcoming episodes will feature some male characters we all know and love. According to Jedi News, the latest issue of Star Wars Insider reveals that Finn, as well as Han Solo, will be making appearances in upcoming installments of the show.

Although there’s no word on who’ll be voicing Han, fans will be delighted to hear that John Boyega will be voicing Finn. The news comes from Lucasfilm Story Group member Carrie Beck who divulged details about the upcoming series in the article.

Forces of Destiny premiered earlier this year and has already told stories focusing on Rey, Jyn Erso, and Princess Leia. John Boyega isn’t the only actor from a live-action Star Wars film to lend his voice to the project as Daisy Ridley and Felicity Jones have already done so, voicing the animated versions their live-action counterparts.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, writer Jennifer Muro elaborated on the new episodes coming to Disney XD as well as the new characters and voice talent.

“It’s been announced that we’ll see Hera [from Star Wars Rebels], which will be great,” Muro said. “I think people will enjoy seeing the characters in the second season.”

“Of the talent involved with the series, Muro explained, “It was thrilling that they wanted to be involved, and Lupita [Nyong’o] as well. It was so nice to have them with the TV actors and the voice actors — it brings the worlds together in a way I didn’t expect. It gives it more legitimacy, but beyond it being legitimate, it’s just wonderful for people who weren’t paying attention to go, ‘Oh, that’s surprising that [the movie cast] is doing that,’ and it brings more attention to what we’re trying to accomplish. It was nice to have them in the mix.”

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny returns in October.

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