Game of Thrones Season 7 finale shatters records and new behind-the-scenes show

Game of Thrones can easily be argued as the absolute best show on television currently. With such an enormous worldwide following from fans of the book, celebrities, athletes and everyone in between, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the show has broken records yet again. The Season 7 finale titled “The Dragon and the Wolf,” was its highest rated episode of the entire series yet. An awe-inducing 12.1 million viewers tuned in to watch the finale through the live broadcast, with that count inflating to 16.5 million viewers if you include streaming services like HBO GO.

That number surpasses that of AMC’s The Walking Dead, whose most recent finale viewership hit 11.5 million on a basic cable network. GoT Season 7 also saw an increase in total viewership across the entire season in comparison to Season 6. Overall, episodes have been averaging about 31 million viewers, once live broadcast, streaming, time-shifts and on-demand amounts are combined. That number is a 34% increase from Season 6, which is huge especially being that this season was only 7 episodes compared to 10 prior.

Now with Season 7 all over, most of us will have withdrawals for quite some time while waiting for Season 8 to come around. There’s even a possibility we might not see it aired until 2019. Until then though, HBO decided to keep us somewhat occupied with an all-new behind-the-scenes series called The Game Revealed. This seven part weekly series will give fans an inside look of how this season was created, along with interviews from the show’s cast and crew.

The first episode is already available to view on the official Game of Thrones YouTube page (see below for video) as well as HBO Now, HBO GO, HOB One Demand and other affiliate portals. The remaining episodes will release every Monday, but unfortunately, they’ll only be available to HBO subscribers. Check it out below for yourself.

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