Game & Talk Ep. 50: Final Fantasy XV Is Everywhere!

Game & Talk is back after a week of Gamescom, where announcements were made up the wazu. Starting with some ports for Final Fantasy XV that ridiculously popular game that people have waited 10 years for. Square Enix has announced that the PC port is in the works and is planned to be the definitive edition of the game, with there even being a first-person mode (how?). Let’s not forget about hairworks, 4K resolutions, and nudity mods. What? Not only that, but they’ve obviously hinted at a possible Switch version of the game. Whether it’s the main game or the Pocket Edition set to release on mobile phones, tablets, and PC remains to be seen.

A new IP also got some new attention from THQ Nordic dubbed Biomutant created by a new studio called Experiment 101, featuring some members from Just Cause developers Avalanche Studios. Biomutant is an action RPG where players create a custom furry mutant to play as in a giant world full of dangerous creatures and masters that will teach you the ways of the warrior.

Two major consoles also sold out of pre-orders this week: the Xbox One X and the Super NES Classic. As you can probably imagine, one was harder to get than the other and it sure wasn’t the Xbox One X.

Finally, fans of Half-Life can (kind of) rejoice, because the writer of the series took to Tumblr to reveal the story of the game that was never made because Valve would rather sell games than make them. Of course, he changed a few names here and there, but it’s pretty clear what the story was meant to be.

SoundCloud link for the podcast is down below. It is also available on iTunes and Google Play. Be warned as we go all out on bad language.

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