Delusion’s new immersive theater experience to be delayed until 2018

For those excited to check out Delusion this year, I have some bad news for you. The team behind one of Los Angeles’ top immersive theater is having a hard time finding a venue worthy enough for the Delusion name in 2017. With that said, creator Jon Braver and the Delusion/Skybound team have announced that they have found a location for 2018.

In other news, the team is working on a Delusion: Lies Within VR series, with the first season currently in post production. Their aim is to take the live play world and bring it into a virtual world where you can still experience the creepy drama via a 360 visual and audio feast. There’s no release date info yet, but it will be revealed later this year.

As for now, Braver is working on the Delusion script for 2018.

If you’re not familiar with Delusion, imagine yourself watching a live play, but this time you’re the main characters. You and a group of around 11 participants are transported into a dark and mysterious world, and you will venture into a story that is both interactive and exhilarating. You’ll be crawling, running, and hiding as things are out to get you, and sometimes you’ll need to be brave to help your group stay alive. Not all participants will have the same experience, as the story will branch off into different directions.

Check out our review from the previous experience. You can also read about out our interview with Braver for more insight on his universe.

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