Hearthstone releases new animated short ‘Hearth and Home’

Alright, Blizzard, can you just make an animated film already?!? After dazzling fans with their string of lovingly crafted Overwatch hero videos, Blizzard Entertainment just released an absolutely pitch perfect homage to Disney films of yore in their latest promotional video for Hearthstone.

The animated short features a young girl lost in a <ahem> blizzard, who stumbles across a Hearthstone pack on the ground. Upon touching it, she is magically transported to the Tavern, where she is immediately greeted by myriad characters from the Hearthstone universe in song.

Easter eggs are abound in this six minute short, which was clearly influenced by the famous song, Gaston from Beauty and the Beast (which was also set in a tavern). Some of my favorites are the use of various in game card emotes and taunts spread throughout the short, as well as mentions of legendary cards (which, as we all know are so much better than epics).

Watch this and then immediately get excited to play Hearthstone’s latest expansion, The Frozen Throne.

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