Jennifer Lawrence wants to drink wine and talk politics with YOU

A-Lister and all-around cool girl, Jennifer Lawrence, wants to drink wine and spend time with you. Yes, YOU.

Lawrence is partnering with Omaze to raise money for Represent.Us. by offering a chance to sit and drink wine with the star.

According to Omaze, the winner and their plus one will be flown to California and be given a room at a 4-star hotel and go on a picnic full of wine with Lawrence. If you or your guest does not drink wine, then other beverages will be offered as well.

In the promotional video for the fundraiser, Lawrence drinks a glass of wine and determines if reviews were for her movies or a type of wine. She does a pretty good job on that – 50% correct. It’s pretty funny, since Lawrence is known to not read her movie reviews or anything on social media. She does know and joked about Passengers in the video for a brief second. That was pretty funny.

If you’re interested in drinking with the star, click here for your chance!

Details from Omaze:

Jennifer Lawrence is passionate about a lot of things: politics, Doritos, reality TV and most importantly… wine. You ready to share that passion with Jen? Great, because you and a friend are headed to one of California’s many vineyards to sip on the good stuff—a lot of it. You’re wine tasting! You’ll swirl, sniff, sip and spit (or not, no judgement) as you hang with Jen, joke around and become best friends. Enjoy a picnic lunch, play some lawn games on the vineyard, maybe even call your ex! Although they do say that there’s truth in wine, so you might want to think that one through. Either way, you know Jen—she’s super cool and down for a good time, so this is sure to be a grape day (ugh, we almost made it without going there). Flights and hotel included.

The money will be going towards Represent.Us, an organization that brings together conservatives, progressives and everyone inbetween to fix America’s broken political system. All across America, volunteers are working together to pass state and local anti-corruption laws that stop political bribery, end secret money and fix our broken elections. Represent.Us is building an America where the highest quality ideas, not the biggest spenders, determine political outcomes; where the most qualified people run for office and win; where elections are competitive and equitable, and our leaders represent us. Your donation will help Represent.Us get closer to achieving its vision of an America where the government represents the people, and works for you and your family instead of special interests and lobbyists.

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