Jabba the Hutt movie in development

Jabba the Hutt
If you could think of one character from the Star Wars universe who’d be the least likely to receive his or her own spin-off movie, who would it be? Would it be Jabba the Hutt, the amphibian-like pile of slime and gangster who’s not only evil but doesn’t speak English or move very much? If you assumed that this character would get his own spin-off then you are a really smart and forward-thinking human being. That’s exactly what’s happening.

We’ve already seen the first Star Wars spin-off, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which came out in December. As well, a standalone Han Solo film is well into production. Now, Variety is reporting that Disney is in early development on a film centered on Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi with Stephen Daldry in talks to direct the film. What’s more, this announcement was accompanied by news of even more Star Wars films in development which include movies focusing on Boba Fett and, yes, Jabba himself.

The main Star Wars series is still being produced with episodes VIII and IX yet to be released. Disney has been working on several standalone features, including the Jabba the Hutt film, with the goal of selling loads of tickets to fans while they await the next episode in the main sequel trilogy.

As you may know, Jabba is the crooked gangster who encased Han Solo in carbonite and made Princess Leia wear her iconic metal bikini in The Return of the Jedi. He’s the leader of a cartel and is the most powerful crime boss on the desert planet of Tatooine who employs several career criminals to operate his criminal empire.

There’s no information on how they’re going to have Jabba communicate or move around faster than a snail. Nonetheless, the movie does have the potential to give fans an interesting glimpse into the shady criminal underbelly of the Star Wars universe.

However, before any Hutt movie comes out, you can see Star Wars: The Last Jedi which hits theaters on December 15th.

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