Supergirl cosplayer Alisa Kiss is on the wrong side of history

WARNING: *Touchy subject manner and foul language to occur*

Nazis, I hate these guys.

It’s no secret by now that the Alt-Right movement (totally not Nazis) held a gathering last weekend in Charlottesville, VA protesting the deconstruction of the Robert E. Lee statue. To put it lightly, it was incredibly violent and ended with the death of three people. Now why is a website like Nerd Reactor reporting on such an event?

Alisa Norris, a well-known cosplayer who goes by the name of Alisa Kiss, was present at the protest. Now you would think someone who’s a part of a community that celebrates diversity would take the correct turn and rally against the Neo-Nazis, but in Norris’s case, she betrayed her community and joined her husband Jonathon Norris (pictured below) on the side of Nazis.

Alisa’s husband Jonathon, who totally looks like a pleasant fellow.

She and her husband were soon exposed on Facebook by friends who do not take too kindly to intolerance, as any decent human being should. Alisa was not to keen on speaking about why she was at the protest the day of, but she later conducted an interview with Bleeding Cool where she claimed she was simply “along for the ride.” To summarize, she basically stated that Jonathon and their Southern Nationalist friends invited them out to the rally to protest the tearing down of the statue by the “racist vice mayor.” In a sense, she was thrown in a situation she didn’t want to be in.

In that case, I have some advice for you Alisa: DON’T ASSOCIATE YOURSELF WITH FUCKING NAZIS! Ever hear the saying “Birds of a feather flock together?” You’re flocking with some pretty bad birds, ma’am. Yet, you obviously know that since you married a Nazi you clearly share similar views with. When he was called out on social media, he had this to say:

Well I can assure you Jonny-boy that your poor, disenfranchised race has no chance of ever being victims of genocide, ever. Your childish fears will never come true so put that to rest. Also, if you want to have a political discussion in a mutually respectful manner, you can start by having a political discussion in a mutually respectful manner.

I sure hope making that conversation public ends up the way you wanted it too, buddy.

Now I have to ask you, the readers, to stand up to these people any and every chance you get. It is this kind of ignorance that is tearing this country apart. Nazism disgusts me as much as it should disgust everyone, and it won’t go away if we continue to ignore it.

To read up more on this situation, check out Bleeding Cool’s coverage.

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