Catching up with Game & Talk! (Episode 49)

Get it? It’s ketchup. Because we’re catching up- whatever…

After a long sabbatical of 2 months, Joey (that’s me), Alan, and Chris are back to talk about all things in the gaming world. Post-E3 time was stressful thanks to the California heat, so we took a little break from podcasting in our wicked-hot rooms. Now that we have returned, it’s time to cover the big gaming news from the Summer that we missed.

Before we do that though, we talk a little bit (a lot) about Sonic Mania, a Sonic game that is taking Metacritic by storm! I reviewed the game with high praise and I love it even more now that I’m playing it on Switch, even though Chris and Alan are leagues ahead of me for some reason. No matter what system you own, buy Sonic Mania. Please. It’s only $20.

Then comes the Castlevania Netflix show which, despite being only four episodes long, is an excellent first season for a promising show. I don’t know what it is about video games, but they aren’t adapted so well in movies and TV. We can’t wait to see more in Season 2, which will be twice as long!

Another piece of big Summer news was the Super NES Classic, which comes with a slew of 21 games including the never-before-released Star Fox 2. How many people will you kill to get your hands on one of these? Hopefully none, you monster.

And we conclude with a speed-round of brief news from last week, including the sad news of Crackdown 3‘s delay. Let’s hope Microsoft can recover from that holiday loss!

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