Killing Floor: Incursion now available on Oculus Rift

Killing Floor: Incursion
The Killing Floor franchise has been around for a while now. And while their name isn’t as synonymous with other sci-fi survival horror games, it really should be. Tripwire Interactive created the first Killing Floor back in 2009 based off a mod from the Unreal Tournament franchise. Since its inception, it’s slowly but surely gained a following of loyal fans that eagerly wait on new content. Killing Floor: Incursion is the newest game in the franchise and has been made for the virtual reality world.

Incursion plays like many other FPS games in VR, requiring you to look around and point to shoot. The game also features a full narrative style campaign as well as co-op, so you don’t have to be scared on your own.

You take on the role of a trainee in the elite Horzine Security Forces where you will be undergoing training in a neuro-active simulation against the Zed. Players will have free movement while exploring the world and must use their intelligence if they hope to survive the horde. These monstrosities are as deadly as they are grotesque and will come at you from all angles. While this may be your initial situation, there are subtle hints that allude to you possibly being there for other reasons.

Incursion’s gameplay is intense and as fast as any other VR shooter out there. Zed will come at you from all sides as you explore the universe of Killing Floor. By combining adventure, exploration, fast-paced action, and survival horror, the players will feel the horrors inside. They will have more than just guns at their fingertips including blades and other practical options to take on the horde.

The campaign is seated inside the Killing Floor universe, so you can expect to see a new take on a few familiar places. These include everything from creepy farmhouses to high tech facilities, all while experiencing a full narrative campaign. For the easily scared but still interested, it also features co-op so you can have a friend tag in to help out.

I am currently finishing up my review for Killing Floor: Incursion, so be sure to check back with us in a day or so for our full review. For the brave and the bold, you can pick up Killing Floor: Incursion exclusively on the Oculus Store for $39.99.

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