Marvel’s The Defenders Episode 2 review: Slowly, but surely

The Defenders finally meeting up is slow, but it’s finally happening!!!

The episode begins with Matt following his instincts to save someone. We see a bit of Matt’s parkour and fighting until he realizes what he’s done (beaten up some guys) and rushes back home. During this scene, I just thought why are you helping kids who are stealing, but then again, Matt likes to protect kids. Throughout the episode, he struggles to come to terms with what he’s done and contemplates returning to that Daredevil life.

It’s great to see Foggy again and this time, he’s happy in his job and personal life. After all Foggy has been through in the Daredevil series, he deserves happiness. It’s also great to see Foggy and Matt’s relationship and how much Foggy cares about Matt. Foggy even gives Matt work to get his mind off the fight life. It’s their friendship that holds Matt together. He could have multiple relationships (Karen, Elektra, Claire, etc), but it’s his friendship with Foggy that we’re all rooting for.

Jessica called the police on the explosives where she runs into Misty. The encounter is brief, but it sets the tone for their relationship. Misty doesn’t trust Jessica and Jessica doesn’t care. After their run in, Jessica continues her search for the missing man and goes looking for documents connected to the man and the company he works with. After running into Hogarth (Carrie Ann Moss), Jessica may be in over her head on this one. If Hogarth is telling Jessica this is a big deal, then it makes you wonder what Hogarth may know. Is she trying to protect Jessica? Is she involved with Alexandria’s plan? Either way, Jessica doesn’t care. Hogarth does and has Foggy keep an eye on Jessica, which Foggy then asks Matt to keep an eye on her. Another connection for our heroes to meet! Matt and Jessica finally meet! I cannot wait for this interaction.

Of course, when Jessica finally finds the John Raymond guy and is about to find out the truth behind everything, the guy ends up dead. At least, we got to see Jessica and Elektra face off.

It’s nice to see Trish (Rachael Taylor) again being involved in the story. I do hope we see more of her, especially since she has a bigger role in the second season of Jessica Jones.

Danny continues to be Debbie Downer, but fortunately, he has Colleen as inspiration to keep fighting. (Can we please get a Daughters of the Dragon series for her and Misty already?) It is Colleen who figures out where to go next – a specialty sword shop for one-of-a-kind swords and find a bunch of dead bodies and a picture of K’un-Lun.

Luke is doing his part to put the city back together after the earthquake shattered Harlem. He tells Claire he wants to help the kids on the street to prevent them from doing a life of crime. Claire is hesitant, but she provides him the tools to go about doing it. He shows up at a shady bar where we see our comic relief villain, Turk (Rob Morgan), who reveals the villain that Luke will be dealing with – White Hat – and where to look.

After seeing Cole taking a job from White Hat, Luke follows the young men which lead us to Danny and Luke meeting for the first time. It’s actually pretty hilarious to see them interact as Danny attempts to fight the bullet-proof giant. The eye rolls from Luke Cage, as Danny tries to fight him, was everything. Of course, Danny is able to best him with his glowing fist, but just watching him try to take on Luke was gold. What a great introduction to the two characters, who, in the comics, are best friends.

Our heroes are slowly meeting! It’s happening! I want more already!

In the episode, we learn a bit more about Alexandria. She loves classical music, super rich, and seems to be a know-it-all, especially when it comes to dealing with the K’un-Lun. It seems she has a history with the K’un Lun, which would explain her ability to bring Elektra back from the dead, cause a city-wide earthquake, and had Madame Gao be fearful of her. Also, she’s frienemies with Stick (Scott Glenn), so you know it’s going to be a good story. I’m still not convinced of Alexandria, even though Sigourney Weaver is fantastic, but I just need more to sympathize with her. Right now, she’s just a villain with the intent to take over the world.

I loved the reference to “the incident”, which was first brought up in Daredevil, referencing the Avengers battle with the Chitari. It’s a lovely reminder that the Defenders are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and maybe, one day, they’ll all collide.

Marvel’s The Defenders is available now on Netflix.

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