Marvel’s The Defenders episode 3 review: Getting to know the enemy

The Marvel’s Defenders finally meet and in the most epic way – fighting against the common enemy! What a great introduction for everyone to meet. I enjoyed the banter between the characters and, man, that was a great fight scene.

So, we finally get to know a lot more about Alexandria and the fact that she’s lived for a long time – long enough to have called Istanbul “Constantinople.” That was a big clue right there. We also learned she wanted to find and resurrect Elektra – who was known to be the Black Sky – and use her a pawn in her plans. The entire first half of the series focused on Alexandria and her relationship with Elektra and it paid off, as we come to understand Elektra’s loyalty towards Alexandria and the lengths Alexandria is willing to go to achieve her goals. She’s proving herself to be a great villain.

This episode is also a reminder of how badass Stick (Scott Glenn) is. He cut off his own hand to escape and to find the Defenders. Seriously… He cut his own hand.

I have a feeling I’m going to love the friendship between Matt and Jessica. Although Matt doesn’t have ill intentions, I appreciated Jessica treating him like how she would every person who tries to enter her world, especially after he brought up her abilities and Kilgrave. I feel like they’re going to have the best relationship compared to the other Defenders.

Now, the Defenders are together at last. Could this be the start of a beautiful friendship? Possibly. Probably not. We have five more episodes to find out.

The Defenders is available now on Netflix.

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