Marvel’s The Defenders ep 4 review: working on that character development

Our Defenders are finally together and working on the case regarding The Hand. It’s actually nice to see them all interact without death knocking at its door. Things are times when Stick shows up and disrespects Jessica. Bad move, Stick. She eventually returns, but only because she found something shady going on from The Hand.

The episode is a bit slow, especially with Matt’s resistance to joining the team. I get it, Matt. You don’t want anyone else hurt. Unfortunately, he lies to all of them about knowing Elektra aka Black Sky. This will probably bite him in the butt in the next few episodes.

I still enjoy Matt and Jessica’s banter, but it was nice seeing Luke and Jessica together again. I have nothing but respect for Luke and Claire’s relationship, but I’ve always been a fan of Luke and Jessica.

We are beginning to see another side of Alexandria. She knows she needs to step up her game and requests for help. I do find it funny that Alexandria knows multiple languages but keeps speaking English. You do you, Alexandria.

Overall, The episode was great in building character development. I wish there was more fighting, but with that ending, we should expect a major one in the restaurant.

Side note:

Is it me or was Danny extra white privilege in this episode? First, showing off his black card to pay for everything. Then, eating the Chinese food like a douche. Then, expecting everyone to know what the heck the Immortal Iron Fist means. I mean, come on!

The Defenders is available now on Netflix.

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