Who will die before the season finale for Game of Thrones?

As the pace of Game of Thrones has picked up in this seventh season, it is inevitable that more and more players will be taken off the board in advance of the ultimate showdown between the Night King and… someone. And, while the odds on favorites to survive the penultimate season remain the same (Jon + Dany 4EVR!), it is pretty much open season for every other character that remains alive. So, as we eagerly await the final episodes of this absolutely breathtaking season of Game of Thrones, let’s talk about who will almost surely not last beyond this year’s finale.

Before we get to that, let’s talk about a few people who will definitely survive the season.

    1. Ellaria Sand – I think Cersei made it pretty clear that the mother of the Sand Snakes will be getting the “Septa Unella” special. Basically that means, rather than killing her, Cersei will take distinct pleasure in torturing her while keeping her alive. After poisoning Ellaria’s last surviving daughter and forcing her to watch her die a slow death, it’s safe to assume that Cersei takes greater pleasure in keeping Ellaria alive than letting her off with a quick death.
    2. Jamie Lannister – I’m not saying he won’t eventually die, but the fact that he already dodged death by both dragonfire and drowning in last week’s episode makes me feel like he will get a brief reprieve. Jamie is among the most complex character in Thrones. His presence always creates such a tangled set of emotions among viewers. He’s the most iconic “bad guy” that I’ve rooted for since Walter White donned a porkpie hat.3. Hot Pie – After a nice chat with his former friend turned faceless assassin, I think it’s safe to assume that Hot Pie will be making his direwolf shaped meat pies well after the Night King is turned away and the Seven Kingdoms are restored.

Top 8 People Who Will Most Likely Die This Season

    1. Tormund Giantsbane – I loathe to deny Tormund his “running across the field to his love” moment with Brienne (I mean, you could cut that sexual tension with a Valerian dagger). But, now that he is off Magnificent Seven-ing north of the wall, I think his days may be numbered. I have no doubt that Jon will successfully retrieve a white walker to bring down south, but the odds of all of his compatriots making it back alive are fairly slim. So let’s enjoy Tormund’s presence while we can, and just hope that we can all find someone that looks at us the way that Tormund looks at Brienne.2. Varys – Varys has served his main purpose, bringing Dany back to the mainland, and connecting her to Tyrion and other allies. And Melisandre’s premontion that he would die in Westeros is certainly another clue that Varys will not survive long. Though Melisandre’s predictions are by no means 100% accurate (Varys could live a long a fruitful life before dying in Westeros some years from now), there is a distinct sense that Varys has outlived his usefulness and will sacrifice himself for the Mother of Dragons in a fittingly noble way. Varys has always been a schemer, but it’s likely that the show will allow him to go out with a hero’s dignity.3. Littlefinger – Prior to this season, Littlefinger always seemed like he was playing the game at a level or two above everyone else. When he talks to Sansa about pretending like anything is possible so that nothing will ever surprise you, that pretty much sounds exactly like the way Baelish dealt with the world. But, this season has definitely been a bit more of a challenge for Baelish. From being cut down verbally by Sansa, to having his previous schemes implicitly exposed by Bran, to receiving murderous eye daggers from two of the greatest swordsmen in the North (Brienne and Arya), it truly seems like Littlefinger is out of moves. He seemed to get his mojo back, playing the Stark sisters against each other. My guess here is that he makes one last play to sow discontent and fear between the Starks, only to see it backfire and end up with a Needle in his back.4. Theon Greyjoy – Poor Reek. Ever since being a ward of Winterfell, the former prince of the Iron Islands has pretty much lost everything from his, ahem, manhood to his shame. He continually bumbles from one bad situation to another, letting himself and others down in the process. He saves Sansa from Ramsey, but lets his sister get captured by his twisted uncle, Euron. Theon has pretty much been a punching bag for the last three seasons. So the hope here is that Theon gets one last chance at redemption, be it rescuing a Stark, saving his sister, or killing his uncle. But all his cowardice has to have a price. And the best way for Theon to regain his name is to sacrifice his life to save one of the many people that he has failed along the way.5. Greyworm/Missandei – True love is NEVER rewarded in Game of Thrones. In fact, it’s almost always actively punished. So, after giving these star-crossed lovers a passionate and tender scene a few episodes back, it’s fair to guess that one or both of them will end up dead. The most likely scenario? Greyworm throws himself in the path of a deadly arrow aimed at Missandei’s heart, saving her, while simultaneously breaking her heart. Well, they’ll always have Dragonstone.6. Euron Greyjoy – Seriously, though. What a dick! Although general dickish behavior is not punished in Game of Thrones, we have reached a point where peripheral bad guys like Euron will have be dealt with. And, if that means that Euron meets the Drowned God at the hands of Theon, Yara, or Jon, then good riddance.7. Cersei Lannister – I fully admit that Cersei may outlive us all. She’s played Game of Thrones pretty flawlessly thus far, ending up on the Iron Throne, all while dispatching her enemies one by one. But, I mean, there are dragons at her gates, her army is in shambles, and well, does anyone really expect the finale to be Cersei sipping from a glass of the finest vintage of Dornish red, while the heads of Dany and Jon lie resting at her feet? Or is it more likely that she dies in a blaze of dragonfire or with Arya standing over her lifeless body muttering, “The North Remembers.” Side note, how awesome would that be?8. Bronn –I love you Bronn. You were always one of my favorite characters. But, you hurt Drogon and now you must die.

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