Is an Okami HD port heading to PS4 and Xbox One?

Okami HD port
Keep in mind this is a rumor, but we’re going to get excited about it anyway because the real world disappoints us. According to two independent sources reporting to Kotaku, Capcom is working on an Okami HD port for the current-gen consoles this December.

This can be indicated by two European retailers listing Okami HD to their internal upcoming physical release calendars. Both listings include a launch date of December 12, 2017. It’s also interesting to note if true that they will be physical releases and not digital ones like the HD PS3 port released in 2012.

Okami is an action-adventure game released on PS2 in 2006 and was later ported to the Wii in 2008 and PS3 in 2012. It was directed by legendary developer Hideki Kamiya, who would later found the studio PlatinumGames, creating the likes of Bayonetta 1 & 2 and The Wonderful 101. Before that, he directed Resident Evil 2 and the first Devil May Cry. Okami did not have the most stupendous sales, but to this day it has received a generous following garnering the mentioned Wii and PS3 ports along with a sequel on the Nintendo DS, Okamiden.

If this report is true, then we’ll see Okami on an Xbox system for the first time, and people won’t need to fish out their old systems to play the game. There were a lot of people that missed out on the game’s initial release, so a port on current-gen consoles makes all the more sense. However, what does this mean for a potential Switch or PC version? They could still very well happen, even if it’s solely digital. Not like physical PC releases are as popular as they used to be.

Anyway, it’s best not to count your chickens before they hatch about the Okami HD port. If this report turns out to be real or fake, we’ll keep you posted here on Nerd Reactor.

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