Is the ‘World’ part of Nintendo World Championships 2017 misleading?

Nintendo World Championships
Most Nintendo fans are excited for the upcoming Nintendo World Championships (NWC). An earlier article on Nerd Reactor revealed the small details behind the qualifying sessions and main New York event scheduled for Oct. 7.

But a vocal minority takes issue with the use of “World” as part of the event’s title. The NWC is limited to those in the United States and Canada. Plus, all of the qualifiers are inside the United States and appear limited as well.

Even Nintendo’s official description posted on the NWC website admits its limited nature.

“It all kicks off with eight qualifying events at select Best Buy stores across the U.S.*”

The world just got a whole lot smaller.

GoNintendo author Dan Koopman had the following to write about this topic on Twitter.

Of course, the Nintendo World Championships qualifiers are held inside Best Buy stores and it could be argued that Best Buy is not in every country. Perhaps Best Buy is helping Nintendo with the financial costs, so it needs to be inside those stores.

According to one angry Reddit post though, Best Buys are confirmed to be in Canada at least. Yet none of the qualifiers are up north, even though most Canadians are eligible to partipcipate. It is an odd catch-22, to say the least.

“I really love the idea of this event becoming a yearly thing … what I don’t like is how restrictively hard to enter it is. As a Canadian I have every right to enter the competition … but to partake I would need to travel south of the border. I mean I didn’t realize we Canadians don’t have Best Buys and big cities able to host events … oh wait, we do.”

Maybe it is complicated for Nintendo to set up the qualifiers in Canada? He pointed out that it should not be too hard.

“I know for a fact Nintendo has some offices up in Vancouver because during the Switch launch people from their office were visiting the lines outside EB Games to hand out swag.”

Those in the United States and not near a designated Best Buy location will need to consider flying too, as one of the commenters underneath the original Reddit post wrote. It is too logistically difficult for a lot of Americans to compete.

“People that want to compete shouldn’t have to debate about flying in order to do so … I just want them to start out by doing locals, then moving to regionals. Sure it requires more set up, but it allows for more people to compete.”

As a counterargument though, Nintendo is just keeping the old name of this tournament as a throwback to the 1990s. However, it is not unreasonable for gamers to express their frustrations about not being able to enter.

For those competing in Nintendo World Championships, dust off those Mario Kart 7 skills. It should be a blast to play in such an exclusive tournament.

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