Nintendo World Championships return in 2017

Nintendo World Championships
It’s time to make your childhood video game dreams come true and compete in the Nintendo World Championships 2017. Starting in just a few weeks, fans and eager contenders will be able to compete at Best Buy locations in 8 cities across the country. Each participating qualifying location will be available for 2 days before moving on. Not surprising, these locations will be in more major cities such as Miami and Los Angeles. The Finals will be held in New York. The Finals will take place October 7th featuring the 16 finalists from 8 qualifying cities. And the remaining 8 will be chosen by Nintendo.

In order to qualify for the World Championships, players will be playing a time trial stage from Mario Kart 7. Based on the player’s age, they will either be racing on Luigi’s Mansion (12 and under) or Bowser’s Castle 1 (13 and above). For the time trials, each player will have the same variables when racing. And they are restricted to the standard kart with standard wheels and super glider.

The character choice is also locked. Younger players will be restricted to Mario, while the older players will be racing as Bowser. Players will be allowed 2 consecutive races to try and earn the best time. They also may enter as many times as they would like so long as they wait in line again. The players with the best time for each age bracket will win air travel and lodging for two to the Finals in October.

A Chance To Play Upcoming Games

While at the qualifying locations, fans will also get the chance to play other upcoming Nintendo titles. These include Super Mario Odyssey and Metroid: Samus Returns. All players that attend will also earn 100 platinum points for their My Nintendo account when they check in using their accounts QR code. The first 200 attendees to check into the event will also receive a My Nintendo Pin. So make sure to get there early if you want the swag.

If you’d like more details on the competition as well as the schedule, you can check that out at Nintendo World Championships site here.

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