Overwatch channels Rocket League with LúcioBall, plus summer skins!

It’s time for a new seasonal event, and Overwatch is blessing us with the 2017 Summer Games. Fans will get the chance to get new beach-themed skins, voices, sprays and many more. In addition, there’s a new mode called LúcioBall, and if you enjoyed Rocket League, you’ll definitely enjoy this.

Soldier: 76

First up is Soldier: 76. His new skin is inspired by an old dad getting ready for a barbecue… except he’s sporting an “A-salt rifle.” Get it? A-salt rifle? He is sporting his shades, a red Hawaiian shirt, and apron.


overwatch summer

Next up is the lovely Widowmaker with her blue bikini, sunglasses and a new hairdo.


Mercy’s skin is that of the goddess Nike with an Olympic torch.


Reaper has decided that the beach isn’t for him and has a BMX skin complete with biker helmet.


Sombra’s skin shows off her scuba gear complete with goggles, gloves, and flippers.


McCree is going all out as a lifeguard with his red trunks, a towel wrapped around his shoulders, and straw hat. He’s even got his revolver looking like a squirt gun.



Junkrat is ready for some cricket with his sports gear.


Of course, there’s LúcioBall, a 3-versus-3 match that features all Lúcios. With the new mode comes a new Sydney stadium. Each team comprises of two players on the field and one player as a goalie. Let’s hope that your team understands their role because if they don’t, you’ll end up losing. I’ve had a few matches where the goalie decided to leave his/her post to try to punch the ball in the middle of the field. That led to the other team getting an easy score on us because nobody was defending the goal area.

Overwatch Summer Games 2017 starts today, August 8th, and features a new mode, skins, victory poses, voices, sprays and more. The event ends on August 29th. Furthermore, players who missed out on last year’s Summer Game skins and other items will get a chance to get them at a reduced price.

I’ve been playing this on the first day for the PlayStation 4, and I have been experiencing lots of troubles entering the game. I would be in a queue line, and once I’m about to enter, I get disconnected from the server. Have you had this experience? If so, let me know in the comments section below.

Images via Blizzard Entertainment

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