Destiny 2 Beta impressions plus transfer details

Destiny 2 Beta
We are about a month away from the most anticipated sequel of the year. Destiny 2 will be making its debut on PC and returning to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Since its official announcement, veteran players had many questions regarding their guardians and progress they’ve made. Bungie had claimed the guardians we create will embark on a journey that could last about 10 years. It appears that Destiny 2 will be a small bump along that road, but a necessary one. And once players were informed of how the progress will transition from one to the next, there were still more questions.

Now, Bungie went on record in what will and won’t transfer from the guardians we’ve created:

Character Data

  • Character class, race, and gender selections
  • Cosmetic features such as face, hair, and marking selections
  • Character creation date
  • No weapons, armor, silver or content will import from Destiny


  • Completion of one or more Year One Moments of Triumph
  • Completion of all Year One Moments of Triumph
  • Completion of one or more Year Two Moments of Triumph
  • Completion of all Year Two Moments of Triumph
  • Achieving Rank 2 or higher in the Age of Triumph Record Book
  • Achieving Rank 7 or higher in the Age of Triumph Record Book
  • Achieving a Grimoire Score of 5000 or higher

It’s good to see that we get to retain our guardians, but only cosmetically. This way we can still continue the journey Bungie has proposed from the start. This will also allow Bungie to focus on current-gen consoles for delivering content. Though a copy of our guardian can continue the story, the story itself is quite the transition from Destiny to Destiny 2.

The Story so Far

The Destiny 2 Beta gave us a good look at the aftermath of the invasion by the Red Legion. We’ve seen the trailer where the Red Legion attack and seemingly destroyed the Tower. Now, as our guardians, we jump into action through the rubble of what remains. Going through the Tower as a battle zone gives us a dark look at what the future holds for our guardians. Going through each section until you make your way to Zavala is a bit eerie. It’s quite the shock to see the safe zone in a war zone with enemy Cabal at nearly every corner. Defending the Tower becomes a priority, but as the mission goes on, disabling the Cabal’s main ship becomes the goal.

That’s due to the large structure taking over the Traveler. As you make your way to the enemy ship, you catch glimpses of that structure make its way to the Traveler. By the time you disable the enemy ships shield for an attack, communications are down with no word from Zavala, Cayde or anyone else. With no means of getting off the ship, you come face to face with the main villain: Dominus Ghaul. In what appears as a fruitless defense, Ghaul locks the Traveler and steals the light. Your guardian becomes depowered and your ghost falls to the ground. Completely helpless without the light, Ghaul kicks you off the ship to your death.

Here Comes a New Challenger

This is where it gets interesting. Seeing as we’re not taking our true guardians from Destiny into Destiny 2, it’s possible that our guardians may be a clone or a shell of what remains. The immobilized ghosts can’t revive the guardians. With each guardian deprived of the light due to the Traveler being held by Ghaul, this is how Bungie resets Destiny to allow a new chapter in our guardian’s story. A new threat, a new journey to reclaim the light. Bungie is giving us an epic chapter for our guardians. The first mission could be the ‘last hoorah’ for our guardians until the game progresses afterward. And it’s entirely possible that our guardians from Destiny will meet their demise at the start of Destiny 2. 

Due to the light being stolen from the guardians, the changes to each class will now make sense. Our items are gone with the destruction of the Tower. But now we see why there are changes to the classes. The light being stolen allows for Bungie to play with the classes. The story acts as that change with the invasion. And once Destiny 2 hits, we’ll see how our guardian will continue their journey. That’s if they survive the first mission.

Destiny 2 launches on September 6 for the PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The PC launch is slated for October 24!

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