Cable co-creator Rob Liefeld on Josh Brolin’s version from Deadpool 2

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Fans have been waiting for the mutant Cable to make his debut in film ever since his appearance was teased in the post-credits scene following Deadpool. Honestly, fans have been waiting a lot longer than that, but it was this scene that turned the wishes of so many people into reality. A little while ago, it was announced that Josh Brolin would be playing the time-displaced cyborg. You’ll have to wait until next year to see him in action, but, for now, you can take a look at pictures that were recently released of Brolin as Cable. At least one person is very impressed with how the character turned out, and that man is his co-creator, writer and artist Rob Liefeld. spoke with Liefeld about his thoughts on the images. His feelings toward Brolin as the X-Force leader were incredibly positive.

“All I’m getting is just euphoria, euphoria, euphoria,” Liefeld said, “people are so thrilled.”

He then elaborated after that glowing review.

“The detail is crazy,” Liefeld said. “But for me it always starts with the face. You’ve got to nail the look on the face, that’s what we identify with…And that scar, come on, take a deep look at that scar. That is one wonderful work of art.”

This isn’t the first time the comic book writer has praised this young franchise. He loved the first Deadpool film as well as Ryan Reynolds’ portrayal of the ridiculous anti-hero. The fact that he continued with his praise for Cable isn’t surprising.

“Just the face, he’s got that stubble, I mean, he’s grizzled,” he added. “And again, you know he’s going to kill, he’s Josh Brolin. This is not an unknown actor. He is such a fantastic actor. He nails it, and come on that sizable gun he’s wielding, that bionic arm.”

So, in conclusion, Rob Liefeld will be skipping Deadpool 2… alright, just kidding. He will most likely make a trip to the theater when the film comes out on June 1, 2018. Meanwhile, Brolin’s set to have a huge 2018 as he’ll also be reprising his role as Thanos for Avengers: Infinity War which hits theaters a month earlier on May 4, 2018.

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