Yusuke Tomizawa talks Code Vein and God Eater

God Eater
Yusuke Tomizawa is the producer of the God Eater video game series. Earlier this year Bandai Namco Entertainment revealed a new game currently in development known as Code Vein, set for a release in 2018. We asked him about the game, working on the God Eater series and even the anime.

NR: I missed the first few minutes of the Bandai Namco Entertainment gaming panel, I came in as you were talking about a new installment in the God Eater series is in development. Can you talk a little about that?

Yusuke: Actually we didn’t have any new information at the Anime Expo this time, but announced that we have new God Eater game coming.

NR: What knowledge have you learned from working on God Eater that you’re putting into developing Code Vein?

Yusuke: If I just explained everything, it would be too much. Code Vein is a project that developed from all the know-how and all the experiences we made through God Eater. Just to mention one thing, Code Vein is the dramatic exploring action RPG, and we just put the dramatic at the head, and we had similar thinking at God Eater. It was hunting and dramatic action, and we just wanted to make a similar thing with Code Vein again with the drama part. By putting the drama aspect into the game, it’s not just the broad story experience you can gain through playing it. Some say that Code Vein is just an exploring RPG plus animation, but that made this game so interesting for some people. So we are very happy that we have new users who are interested in our game.

NR: Code Vein has been compared to the Dark Souls series. What are your thoughts on that?

Yusuke: Maybe it’s a bit like we talked about, but Dark Souls is one genre. This is an exploring action RPG, and it’s accepted as one RPG. We have the drama part, and we add anime-ish characters to it, and through that, we want to make it different from what we had before. Not only the characteristics or animation part is different, we have the buddy system here, and this is something new to this kind of gameplay.

NR: Working on both the God Eater video game and anime series. How was it transitioning from working on a game series to working on an anime series?

Yusuke: First of all, it was very hard work to make a game into an anime. The God Eater player is the protagonist, but in the anime, you have to choose a character who is the protagonist. Otherwise, it doesn’t work as an anime. So we had to create a protagonist for the anime. So the scenarios and the character design took a lot of time and hard work. In God Eater, you have the god arc, and since it’s an anime, you have to be very precise on the character design. And for the animators, it was a challenge animating everything including the way to hold the God Arc, especially because it’s often changing its form into different weapons.

NR: How hard was it to break down the whole God Eater story into 13 episodes? And did it feel limited on that?

Yusuke: The 13 episodes actually show from the first God Eater, only a third of the story. It was a big issue to make the animation work a whole story for those who watch it. So we spent a lot of time thinking about it for the animation. We had a lot of flashbacks showing the time of the past, like why this God Eater world developed as it is.

By showing all the past in the animation, you see why the last boss got this last boss. Maybe it’s like in the later stories, you can clearly see the difference between the anime and the protagonist through the past.

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