DC Comics ladies support Marvel ladies with #MakeMineMilkshake photo

dc marvel milkshake #MakeMineMilkShake
Marvel vs DC isn’t something new. Just check out the recent trailers for the Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League films, and you’ll quickly see DC fanboys dissing Marvel and vice versa. Well, there’s no dissing when it comes to the ladies of DC Comics and Marvel Entertainment. DC Comics has posted a photo of its ladies on Twitter, showing support for the Marvel ladies with the #MakeMineMilkshake hashtag. (It’s paying respect to the Make Mine Marvel campaign.)

“Some ladies at Marvel posted a selfie where they ordered milkshakes to honor the passing of a female comic book publisher (Flo Steinberg.)
Apparently, to many men on Twitter, women celebrating the life and work of a woman in their industry is appalling, and is grounds for online harassment.
The ladies of DC just took this pic in solidarity. We got your back ladies. (I’m in the yellow sweater, holding a Del Taco milkshake)” – Danielle Bullis, DC Comics’ Community and Rewards Manager

It all started with this Twitter post from Heather Antos, a Marvel Comics editor. She is seen posting a selfie with other female Marvel employees enjoying milkshakes.

As a result, she was harassed by confused Marvel fans via email and her Twitter direct messages. Here are some examples of the mad Marvel fans.

Antos has commented on the harassments.

Yes, she posted a selfie photo on her own Twitter account. Apparently, people can’t hang out and drink milkshakes without getting attacked online. All is not lost though. People have come to show some love for milkshakes and the ladies from Marvel Entertainment.

More Marvel employees joined the #MakeMineMilkshake posts.

DC Comics wasn’t the only comic book publisher showing some love. Archie Comics posted a photo of its milkshake.

Here are more supporters joining #MakeMineMilkshake

Let’s stop the hate and show some love to the Marvel ladies with the #MakeMineMilkshake hashtag. Plus, who wouldn’t want to get their hands on a cool and refreshing drink?

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