Ultra Ultra releases new ECHO trailer plus release date

Last year, Denmark video game company Ultra Ultra announced their first game, and it was greenlit by the Steam Community. ECHO, a third-person shooter set in the future, will have you go on a journey in a lost Palace with forgotten technology. Your actions reveal something more sinister at hand. ECHO is poised to be a player-driven experience, and each action taken will have an influence and consequence.

Unlike action-driven games like Mass Effect or Fable, actions in ECHO have a direct influence to the enemies around you. The enemy AI learns from what you do and how to defeat you. In addition, the enemies who are after you are direct copies of the character you control. For example, if you use stealth and try to remain undetectable, your clones will do the same to find you. If you are aggressive and shoot to kill, the clones will do the same. It’s an interesting mechanic that hopefully doesn’t become too overwhelming. There are phases in which you can freely move without consequence, but that allows the clones to learn from your behavior. So what you do and how you do it will shape the game and enemies that are after you.

In ECHO, You Are Your Own Enemy

Ultra Ultra may be a new company, but they are no strangers to the video game industry. With a core group of 8 members, they previously worked on the Hitman franchise at IO-Interactive. With their background, they bring years of experience and dedication to create a more personal game. ECHO is looking to be a heavy player-driven game in which there is no direct path. How you play is up to you, but in the end, your enemies will only learn based on what you do.

ECHO hits Steam and PlayStation 4 on September 19, 2017. Check out the gallery and trailer below!

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