Rick and Morty creative team and cast on season 3

Rick and Morty season 3
There’s something about Rick and Morty that makes it hard to stop watching. It could be the hilarious jokes, the infinite universes that Rick can screw around with, or it could be the wonderful cast of characters that really bring this series together. We are just a few days away from Rick and Morty season three, and we have so many questions. What’s going to happen to the Smith family after Beth reveals she is leaving Jerry?

At San Diego Comic-Con 2017, we had a chance to sit down and chat with the Rick and Morty creative team about what’s in store for the next season. In season two, we saw that Jerry may have been swapped with another Jerry from a different universe. Could that play into anything?

Of course, the important question is, “What’s happening with the Mulan Schezwan sauce from the April Fool’s special?” Ever since that episode, the Internet has been buzzing about the sauce.

“It’s a real thing. I’ve been talking about how delicious that sauce was for a long time, and definitely in the writer’s room,” said Justin as co-creator Dan Harmon laughs. “It’s true.”

While laughing Dan adds, “I know, I just wish I recorded that.”

Justin continues, “That happens a handful of times. It’s not just me but a bunch of the writers. It’s a true thing. We find ourselves at a crossroads in a script where we need something, and it’s like, ‘Oh, this real thing would be perfect,’ but we needed a mislead before Rick takes the agent to his actual memory. So, why not do this whole Schezwan thing that I kept on talking about where I talk about how delicious it was. I swear to god, I think that sauce was the best, most delicious dipping sauce ever fucking created in the history of mankind. And now McDonald’s is going to send me a litter of it, or a half-gallon or some crazy amount. It’s going to be a lot, and I’m going to get to see if it was as good as I remembered. Let’s be honest, the stakes couldn’t be any lower.”

Dan and Ryan start joking around about the whole thing, and Justin adds, “So they went into their archives and got the recipe and created a new batch for me. It’s fucking insane.”

So what is the plan once Justin finally gets the Mulan Schezwan dipping sauce? Justin mentions that he plans to film his reaction to trying the new batch of dipping sauce. He wants to see his latest reactions to test if the sauce is as good as he remembers.

Dan adds, “Definitely. You owe it to America and probably the planet. You need the moment that you touched that sauce to your tongue after all those years of talking about it.”

You can see the whole conversation below:

Of course, where would the series be without Beth and Summer? Sarah Chalke, who voices Beth, and Summer’s voice-over artist Spencer Grammer spoke to us about what’s in store for the characters in season three, the mother-daughter relationship, and the upcoming Roseanne season 10 revival coming next year.

“As we go into this third season, there’s definitely this family dynamic that starts to change,” mentions Spencer. “We deal more with this mother-daughter relationship and the struggles you have, the competition you end up having, and that resonated with me in various ways. That competition thing as a teenager and how you work thru that together, you know what I’m talking about? It’s a real thing that people go through, and I love that we’re on a sci-fi show that’s addressing those things.”

“That’s my favorite part about this show.” Sarah adds, “You’re going off planet and going on these intergalactic adventures, but it’s grounded in this real family. And they’re dealing with all the painful, interesting, funny, hard, great things that a family goes through.”

You can watch the full conversation below:

 Rick and Morty season three airs July 30th on Adult Swim.
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