Questroom’s Bloody Elbow escape room aims to tear you apart

Questroom bloody elbow
We’re back at Questroom Escape Rooms in Koreatown, but this time we’re going to try out their most popular room, ‘Bloody Elbow.’ We’ve heard the stories of this escape room, and we were beyond excited to finally give it a try.

We’re back in 1493, but this time our group is in the grasp of the most notorious and ruthless executioner, Bloody Elbow. Trapped in his dungeon we are given one hour to escape. If we fail, Bloody Elbow will dismember and disembowel us for his own pleasure.

Before heading into the room, our group was masked and then led in one by one. When the game started, we were allowed to take off our masks. Furthermore, we found that each of our group members was either bound or caged. Now right off the bat, I’ll tell you that just like ‘Da Vinci’s Challenge,’ Bloody Elbow is designed phenomenally. I mean the set design really makes you feel as if you’re in an underground dungeon. It was dark and creepy, and I was wondering if something was ready to pop out and scare us.

Now our group had issues with the first puzzle, but not because it was a difficult one. It was due to the fact that as seasoned “escape artists,” we were questioning whether the puzzle broke one of the aforementioned rules. Eventually, we went with our gut and solved it, thus allowing us to move further within the room. As we’re progressing and discovering new puzzles and doors, there were times when our group was definitely creeped out. There was a moment when our team unlocked a door and our we were scared to enter.

The puzzles inside Bloody Elbow were not as difficult as our previous room, but they were still engaging and creative. I did have one favorite puzzle (which I won’t go into detail) that I’ve never seen before. This really shows Questroom’s creativity. Items and locks have been made to really fit the theme of the room. My one concern is that there are too many locks in the room. Locks were also used as a part of the decoration, which really threw us off when we found keys.

Our group successfully escaped the clutches of ‘Bloody Elbow.’ But overall I feel that it fell short compared to ‘Da Vinci’s Challenge.’ Where Da Vinci excelled is where Bloody Elbow lacked, and that’s the puzzles. I know I said before that the puzzles were engaging and creative, but this one didn’t have the excitement that you get when solving the puzzle. In Da Vinci’s challenge, I personally felt a sense of accomplishment. The puzzles had ingenuity and a technical feel to them. When you did one thing it would trigger something else. In Bloody Elbow, puzzles were just finding a key and unlocking a lock. Does this make Bloody Elbow a bad room? Absolutely not, because it is still magnificently designed and gives a great sense of creepiness.

After going through Questroom’s two rooms, I can say that they have shown a whole new level of where you can take escape rooms. They have truly taken into consideration every last detail and morphed it to become a room where players feel as if they have been transported back in time. If you ever find yourself in Koreatown, stop by Questroom and test out your ability to escape one of their fantastic rooms.

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