New Super Mario Bros Switch not on Reddit users’ wish list

New Super Mario Bros
Months ago, this author wrote on Nerd Reactor that the 2D New Super Mario Bros. series requires a makeover. For at least a decade, Nintendo has used the same art style and music with these games. Something needs to change.

It turns out fans agree. The ones on the popular Switch Reddit are in agreement anyway. People want a new kind of Mario 2D side-scroller. If not, perhaps a Switch version of Super Mario Maker will suffice. Just not another New Super Mario Bros.

Check out some of the negative Reddit comments on a possible New Super Mario Bros. for Switch below.

“The thing is almost nobody in this sub wants a “New” Super Mario Bros. What most of us want is a new 2D Mario with a new art style, new power ups, new areas, new, structures, and maybe a new villain. We’re all burnt out on the ‘new’ 2D Marios and want something truly different and innovative like SMB3 and SMW.”

“Agreed. The 2.5D thing was great when they first did it because it really made old feel new. But I miss there being a distinct art style other than typical 3D Mario renders and them just throwing everything from old games all into one. We need new characters, new music, new areas, new powerups…”

“Ironically enough, we actually want a ‘new’ Super Mario Bros. And not just a ‘new’ Super Mario Bros.”

“Agreed. Super Mario World is still my favorite 2D game in the series. It gave us new, polished graphics on a brand new system and powerups that were extremely fun to use in the form of the cape and the various Yoshis. It had a well designed overworld and level design as well.”

“We need that level of innovation again.”

“Change up the artstyle, add … new powerups not new skins for powerups that function similarly to the classics, add new gameplay elements outside of the powerups, add new world themes to visit, etc and just keep the classic side-scrolling.”

“But please don’t just give us yet another ‘New Super Mario Bros.'”

In retrospect, this author feels vindicated by his original opinion in March after reading through the comments.

Also, after the awesome Super Mario Maker for the Wii U, it would almost seem like a step backward to not give a creative level-building option for players. Luckily, there is no New Super Mario Bros. Switch in sight. Maybe something different ahead.

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