New episode of NBC’s Midnight, Texas airs tonight

Midnight, Texas
Midnight, Texas is NBC’s latest supernatural drama based on the novel by Charlaine Harris. You may recognize another novel adaptations of hers on TV with the hit HBO show, True Blood, which was based off her book series Southern Vampire Mysteries. Chances are if you liked those, then this series is sure to catch your attention.

Some of you may have been under a rock for the last 7-8 years and missed all of True Blood. But if you have the time to seriously check it out, it is well worth the dive and binge. For those who have an idea of Harris’ style, you can expect some new dynamics to be explored thanks to the cast of characters and the premise of the show.

The show revolves around a small group of people whose personal lives are more than meets the eye. The cast includes an angel, psychic, witch, hitwoman, and a vampire that feeds on emotions rather than blood. We learn that everyone may not be what they seem. And they are all going to need one another in order to survive.

Everyone has come to the small town of Midnight looking for a place to call home. They’re looking for a place where they can be themselves and escape their own dangerous pasts, not to mention other outside threats. Little do they know that Midnight was built upon a Hellmouth whose seal has been breaking more and more. Many of the cast find companionship in the show. And for the most part, their relationships are very symbiotic where they begin to need each other to survive. Danger will be presenting itself around every corner in Midnight. Our eclectic group of outsiders will be on their toes more often than not.

Did you happen to catch the series premiere for NBC’s latest supernatural drama? If not, check out the recently released promo as well as the link below for the episodes. And if you did catch the premiere, be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.

You can watch episode 2 tonight as well as all future episodes of Midnight, Texas on NBC, Mondays at 10/9 c or anytime online at

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