Dark Ages turned ’90s sitcom: Stephen Kramer Glickman on Loot Crate video

Loot Crate Stephen Kramer Glickman
Loot Crate is known for its monthly subscription based service. And it brings its customers a themed box of fun and exclusive collectibles, apparel, and gear right to your door. The Loot Crate community itself is very strong which makes their videos extremely popular. A few of them have gone viral thanks to the talented writer, actor, and comedian Stephen Kramer Glickman. You might not know that he has worked on many of the Loot Crate videos, but you probably know him from Big Time Rush, Storks, Workaholics, and The Night Time Show with Matt Walker, Mike Black, Mike Glazer, and Robby Carlysle.

For this month’s Loot Crate theme, “Kingdom,” Stephen worked on the monthly video as both a writer and casting director with co-writer and director Jamie Parslow. He brought in actors Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers), Rob Van Dam (WWF/E), Jeff Richards (Saturday Night Live), and Loot Crate’s Adam Murray and Julian Higgens.

I spent a little time interviewing Stephen after his successful and packed time at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 as he hosted the Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars panel. We talked about his involvement with Loot Crate and passion for everything Nerdy and Comic-Con related.

What was your theme and inspiration for this month’s video?

SKG: Kingdom, which I wrote with Jamie Parslow, was inspired by our love for Full house, Family Matters, and all that kind of stuff. It was definitely a joint effort between the two of us and Loot Crate. Over the past 6 months, I’ve written most of the projects and content Loot Crate has done, and even have been in charge of casting it. It’s been a super fun gig and we get to make some really cool and weird stuff.

Oh yeah? Like what?

SKG: Well, we did a Borat meets Transformers-type as if the Transformers were from Albania. Tommy Wiseau from The Room was playing the president of the USA. It was super fun and that went crazy viral. We even did a parody of the Sarah McLachlan “Save the Dog” commercials, but did it with Lisa Loeb and did it about Jurassic Park. We went like, ‘For just $7,000 you too can help save a dinosaur.’ We had all kinds of crazy and cool dinosaur puppets on set. Loot Crate lets us do crazy stuff and even bring in talent like Ed Bagley Jr. to host a big A&E show.

It almost sounds like you’re embracing your inner Mel Brooks.

SKG: Getting to embrace the old school comedy and play with genres is something you don’t always get to do, and you know I love and admire Mel Brooks. The company has been so down for everything. We want to shoot in a castle and have Rob Van Dam, and they’re like, “Sure!” They’ve been so supportive and let us do fun stuff. We are so lucky to have Adam Murray and Julian Higgens. These 2 directors are awesome. Julian did the Deadpool musical and it’s perfect. Adam directed one of the first videos with Loot Crate that we filmed at Hummingbird Ranch way up north. They shot Entourage there! We got to hire robots and punch the Mona Lisa in it. Who else gets to do that?

How did you get the talents of Rob Van Dam and Casper Van Dien involved?

SKG: I’ve known Rob for many years. He is someone I have wanted to do something with for years. It seemed like a fun and easy move for him to get into. With Casper, it’s the 3rd time I’ve worked with him. I love the guy like crazy, and I even got to shoot a sketch with Patrick Muldoon, Ed Neumeier, and Casper recapping every Starship Troopers movie. It was way too much fun. And because of that, Sony then asked me to host their Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars panel and be part of Comic-Con. Working with Ed has been awesome too. He just did my podcast, The Nighttime Show, and Casper has done it before.

I love the podcast. Can you tell me how it is working on it?

All the guys I do The Nighttime Show with are so funny and weird in their own ways. Mike Black and Mike Glazer keep the boat steady. They try to ask really great questions. Matt Walker is something else. He calls people out and gets that deep information I would never ask. We had Brannon Braga, and Matt corrected him on Star Trek, one of the freaking creators! He created Star Trek Enterprise!

How did you come up with the Molsen twins and Jeff Richards being part of this parody?

The Molsen twins, ha! Originally we were going to name the 2 actresses Javier Bardem and Matt Le Blanc or something like that but then decided to do the whole Olsen twins thing. They were super funny and very underrated.

What about Loot Crate made you want to work with them?

SKG: I was drawn to them because I put on a charity event with Children’s fundraiser. We were looking for a sponsor and getting rejected all over town. Our guest list was insane, we had Ashley Greene, a bunch of the cast of Modern Family. Chris Daughtery was going to donate guitars. And then I went to Loot Crate and they said, ‘We will absolutely pay for it,’ and even said, ‘Let’s get a kick ass silent auction and help raise more money.’ They are so awesome. Then Gentle Giants gave us some huge amazing Star Wars pieces, Meltdown Comics in LA gave us a golden apple and all kinds of stuff. Then our silent auction host flew himself out from New Jersey to run the silent auction and made sure we made a ton of money for Children’s Hospital.

How has the Loot Crate community experience been?

I was in Ohio in this little tiny town, and talking to some folks, and asked, ‘Where is a comic book shop around here?’

And the guy said, ‘We don’t have one?’

‘Do you have a toy shop?’ They had none, only a Toys R Us but nothing for nerds or people who collect comics and figures. That’s when it hit me. In LA we have everything, but if you live somewhere small, you can join Loot Crate and still know there are people around the world who love the same things that you do. You’re part of a community. The longer that I work with them, the more that I notice out in the world people wearing Loot Crate shirts and talk to them about it. People freak out about having something in common with another person you’ve never met.

So whats your next project with Loot Crate?

We have a top secret and super rad video. We have to travel to go shoot it so it’s going to be cool. No matter what it’s going to be cool.

And how many have you done with them so far?

I think we’re at 7 videos now. What’s neat is I want to write movies, TV, and make funny stuff. I have written for quite a few, but nothing to this scale. I haven’t taken it to the next level so this has helped me get a chance to exercise my imagination and come up with something related to their next theme idea which they will call like medieval times, dark ages etc. It starts with Jamie Parslow, who heads that department, saying what’s needed. Tt can’t be Game of Thrones or Monty Python, but something in that realm.

Brainstorming in that room is such a cool and fun experience. It’s great to work with a bunch of people saying we can do this or this. And we finally settled on an intro ’90s theme parody and then he suggests we have to have the bubonic plague as a character and try to find how to do that. So we make the bubonic plague a character and make this terrifying thing funny. That’s the only way it works, to make bad things funny and help people laugh.

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