EWin Hero Series gaming chair (review)

Ewin Hero Series
Being a video editor and PC gamer, I spend a lot of time on my desktop. Since my old leather chair was peeling, the only other option I had was my mother’s wooden desk chair. (That was the definition of awful.) I knew I had to get a new chair. So I turned to EWin Racing and will never turn back. My particular choice was the EWin Hero series of models in the red, white, and black color scheme.

This is the first chair of this caliber that I’ve ever purchased. So if you miss your delivery and have to go to FedEx to pick it up, bring a second person because this box is HEAVY. Putting it all together was a little difficult at first with the screws to connect the top to the bottom. But it was a breeze right after. If you can, always have at least one other person to help you with assembly since some of the parts are heavy and the screws are easy to lose.

Sitting in the chair was obviously a huge upgrade from a wooden chair, but that isn’t to say it’s not a great chair on its own. The two pillows on the headrest and lower back help my posture greatly. I’m used to hunching over or slouching (which I’m admittedly still guilty of in this new chair) and now it’s easier to sit up straight. If you’re in the mood for relaxing, the back is also adjustable to get a sweet recline.

EWin Hero Series Final Reaction

In short, I wholeheartedly recommend the EWin Hero Series gaming chair. This is especially if you’re in the market for a new office chair for long nights of gaming and editing! While I admittedly haven’t owned any other chair preceding this one, I can still assure you that the quality you are paying for is present in the Hero series. To find out more, visit ewinracing.com.

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