ThinkGeek Capsule Box #2 review – ‘What’s in the box?!’

ThinkGeek is at it again with ThinkGeek Capsule #2!!! Another capsule filled with geeky products that will certainly feed your inner (and outer) geek.


We were sent the second capsule to unbox and review. So, here it is:

Like the previous one, we open the box and come across the Capsule introduction insert, which contains the list of items inside the box. This is for people who like to read the movie spoilers before watching the movie. You know who you are. We’re not judging.

Whoever comes up with the witty spoiler alerts at Think Geek, kudos for you for the funny spoiler alerts.

The first thing we grab, which was on top of the box, is the bonus reveal card. This bonus card shows us a special gift we could potentially have in the box – which, in this box, is either a mini-Funko key chain of the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) or the 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi).

Of course, I get CAPALDI! He’s my FAVORITE Doctor. I already own a mini-Funko key chain of the 12th Doctor, but it’s been worn out so much. So, this is the perfect replacement. Look how cute it is!

Next, I grabbed the enamel pin that is given in every box. The pin, like every pin in each capsule, is part of the Think Geek limited edition pin collection. So, that means it’s good quality and one of a kind, just for Think Geek Capsule owners. This month is the Starstuff Edition. Although, I think the Pinz people made an error by not changing the backing of the paper to say Starstuff Edition instead of Fantasy edition, which was last month’s theme.

Anyways, I did receive a cute Saturn pin that says: Solar System Hula Hoop Champ! Very cute.

Then I noticed this capsule had a book! YAY! As a book fan, I was looking forward to seeing some geek literature. I was not disappointed. As a Trekkie who has cosplayed Vulcan before, this book was PERFECT for me. It’s “Hidden Universe  Travel Guide to Vulcan”. Yes, the planet, Vulcan – where Spock was from. I love it. I’m definitely bringing this with me to the Star Trek convention next week. I’ll be on vacation.

Beneath the book, there was another flat item that looked like another book, but it wasn’t. After pulling it out, I saw it was a Game of Thrones item – House Sigils canvases. There are three possibilities – House Lannister, Stark, or Targaryen. I, myself, prefer House Tyrell, but you never see that anywhere. But, I’ll definitely accept House Targaryen, because their canvas art is pretty sweet.

I noticed a tube next. It’s a tube full of color pencils and the entire thing is Hulk-related. Need to de-stress? Well, then color in photos of The Hulk, who is never calm! The only thing I will say negatively about this coloring set is that all the photos to color in are of the Hulk, but we only have two green color pencils in the set. We’re going to need more green if we’re going to color in the Hulk.

Now, it’s time for the shirt! Each capsule comes with a shirt, so I was ready for my shirt! It was at the bottom of the box. It was a pretty box that had the Dungeons and Dragons symbol on it. Cool. It’s Dungeons and Dragons. I opened the box and found a patch of the D&D dice. The patch has an adhesive in the back, so you don’t need to worry about ironing or sewing it on.

Beneath the patch was the t-shirt.

The t-shirt, which comes in men and women’s fit, was beautifully designed with the D&D player in mind. When you order your capsule, the site will ask the style and size of the shirt you would like. The shirt I received looks beautiful and made with a high-quality fabric, which is what I look for in these shirts.

Of course, that’s not the final item. Like the last box, and other boxes going forward, you get a gift card filled with an unknown amount of money to be used for It could be between anywhere from $5 to $100. Last time, my card was $20.

This could only be used at the ThinkGeek store. It does not work for future ThinkGeek Capsules, but it has tons of awesome products.

ThinkGeek Capsule is available NOW on The items in each ThinkGeek monthly capsule is worth $50+. For one capsule, it will be $24.99 (+$5 S&H), but if you commit to the final two capsules, you will get a free bonus pack (valued at $10).

To order your own ThinkGeek Capsule, click here. Hurry up before this box ends!

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