Geek Fuel’s Monthly Mystery Box: July 2017 review ‘Geeky Goodness’

Geek Fuel has been introduced as the geek box with all the fandoms!!! All of them! So, if you’re like me and you love a little bit of everything. This may be the box for you. Instead of the monthly themed boxed that gives you an idea of what kind of stuff to expect, Geek Fuel surprises you with samples of geekery from all over. We got sent a box to unbox, which was pretty fun to unbox because I had NO idea what to expect.

First off, I really like the box design. I know it’s a standard orange box with the brand on it, but I love that it’s enticing me with what may be inside – Geeky Goodness!

When you first open the box, it has a pretty tissue liner with Geek Fuel’s brand on it. Very fancy. Then it has a mini-magazine inside of it. I thought, ‘hmm, maybe this has the list of the items inside’. I didn’t want to risk it, so I quickly glanced at it and saw it did not reveal anything! It just has cool articles for fans to read. There’s even an article all about Adam West’s Batman as an In Memorium for him. I appreciated that.

As I continued, the first thing I saw was a box with a barrel inside. It’s a Barelkooziey for all my beverage needs! As I looked in it (shown in the video), it’s made of soft material that I could actually throw at someone and NOT HURT THEM. You all know where I’m getting at, right?

The barrel is great quality. I haven’t used it for a drink yet. I honestly just got it and threw it at my colleagues. Pretty durable.

Next up, I grabbed what was apparently the BONUS gift, which was my absolute favorite!!! If you’ve been following me on Nerd Reactor or in life, I’m a hardcore Whovian. So this was a pleasant surprise to come across! It’s a Weeping Angel mini-figure that lights up!!! It comes with a mini-book as well on Weeping Angels.

I love Kidrobot and their vinyl mini-figures, so when I saw you get a Street Fighter V one, I was ecstatic! I’m such a Chun-Li fan, so I was hoping I’d get it. The odds are 1/20 for her, but I was hopeful! Of course, I end up getting the villain – M. Bison. I have to be honest though, his figure is ADORABLE. He doesn’t look intimidating as a figure, so I’m alright with this. But, if anyone has one and doesn’t want their Chun-Li, call me.

I’m a collector of enamel pins. So, the fact that a box has a pin is a win already. Growing up with Thundercats, I was excited to see there was a pin for this. Not only did they have their own enamel pin, but it’s exclusive to Geek Fuel. If you notice the corner of the label – geek fuel. They had this made just for this box. Pretty impressive. Let’s be real. You won’t find this kind of pin online – it’s a fusion of Thundercats as tanks! So, this is easily a collectible. Again, if someone has Lion-O. Help a sister out.

Another exclusive for Geek Fuel? They are killing it with the exclusivity for their box. I do love testing out new games, so this comes to a surprise to me that they offer a free downloadable game. I’ll try anything once!

According to their official site, Steamroll is an adventure and puzzle game with a touch of minigolf gameplay. Help the junior engineer escape a collapsing mine by solving puzzles and shooting steam-balls from your vehicle to create ramps, walls, activate triggers, blow things away, and more. 

Of course, I can’t forget the most important item from Geek Fuel’s box: the T-Shirt!


For all you Firefly fans, it’s absolutely beautiful! It’s a retro style shirt that says Serenity EST 2517: You Can’t Take the Sky From Me! It’s on a brown shirt! I love this so much. The quality of the shirt is great too. It’s not the standard Gilead shirt that’s uncomfortable to wear. The material is pretty soft, so that’s a plus for me.

Finally, there is a card that details everything you received in the box!

Overall, I appreciate that Geek Fuel has a little bit of geeky randomness in each box. I’m the type of person who loves all kinds of fandom, but I don’t usually have the time or money to collect a bunch of stuff from my fandoms. Geek Fuel gives me a little bit of a mix of the things I love and want to try.

Geek Fuel’s July 2017 box is still available on The items in this box is worth $50+ (especially with the exclusivity on those pins). For one box, it’ll cost you $18.90 (+ $6 S&H). If you love these boxes, you could subscribe to their other plans and save some money as well. If you do their 6 month or year plan, you’d get a bonus gift!


Sign up here and be ready to receive some geeky goodness! Hurry up before this box ends!

Geek Fuel is devoted to designing an incredible experience, exploring and curating goods from all our favorite fandoms, games, books, and more. We share this enthusiasm and excitement in the form of perfect packages, sent out to geeks all over the world.

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