Loot Wear celebrates Bob’s Burgers with fashionable leggings

If you’re like me and tons of other women in the world, you like to wear leggings – to lounge, run errands, work out, and even for fun, geeky events. Leggings are easy and comfortable to wear in every situation. Loot Crate knows this, and that is why they’ve created Loot Wear.

Loot Wear is their new subscription for the casual geek who just likes to wear geeky clothing. They’ve created shirts, sweaters, socks, pants, and even geeky underwear.

Loot Wear just revealed this month’s theme: Bob’s Burgers.

They’ve collaborated with female artists from all over the interwebs to design one-of-a-kind clothing pieces just for the site. Yes, designed by women FOR women. With three different leggings, all individually designed by three top artists in the industry, you could showcase your love for all things Bob’s Burgers. There is something for everyone and every style.

Love Tina Belcher? There’s a legging for you!

Love Louise? Girl, they got you.

Thought they forgot about Linda? Nope. She’s there.

We got to try on each of the leggings and took them out for a test run. They are comfortable and silky as heck. The sizes range from XS to 3XL and are stretched to fit. They may be a little thin when stretched, so be sure to wear a long shirt for coverage. The leggings are perfect for lounging days and even a run at the gym. They’re breathable and just look cute with a gym top.

The artists behind the leggings – Jen Bartel, Alex Strangler, and Bamboota (aka Crystal Fontan) – each added their own personal design behind the adorable leggings. Bartel designed the Linda with wine riding on a majestic tiger; Strangler designed Tina’s Unicorn dreams; and, Bamboota created Louise’s signature leggings filled with everything we love about the character.

Check out the artists’ bios:

Jen Bartel is an illustrator and comic book cover artist whose vibrant, powerful imagery celebrates the beauty and inherent strength of femininity. Her self-described “Evil Lisa Frank” aesthetic can be seen gracing the cover of the ongoing IDW series ‘Jem and the Holograms’ as well as several other titles. Her biggest creative goal is to breathe life into characters that inspire and empower girls from all backgrounds.

Alex Strangler is a tattoo artist in California, whose stylish, candy-colorful pop-based iconography distills a character to her core, telling their story in a single image. Her incredible art has earned a massive following on social media who represent her as a living gallery of her work; she’s even tattooed more than one member of the Loot Crate team!

Bamboota (aka Crystal Fontan) is a graphic designer at LEGO with a long history in apparel, having popularized design memes such as the cereal mash-up. Her clean, cartoony style and quirky humor evoke a childlike mischief conjured by a steady diet of Saturday morning cartoons and sugary cereal. Her work can be seen in pop galleries and was featured at Star Wars Celebration 2016.

To order these leggings and possibly other Loot Wear items, click here for their items.

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