New ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ clips premiere at Comic-Con

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After a memorable Marvel panel (Ant-Man and the Wasp, Captain Marvel), it’s time to go back to the beginning of this year’s Comic-Con. To kick off their Hall H programming, the infamous hall got some British charm courtesy of 20th Century Fox. On Thursday, Fox brought Kingsman: The Golden Circle to Hall H and provided fans with not only footage but plenty of memorable moments as well. Notably, the moment where Halle Berry drank an entire PINT of bourbon in front of the Hall H crowd. Needless to say, she wasn’t with us anymore after that. Yet the panel gave fans three lengthy clips from Matthew Vaughn’s latest installment in the Kingsman franchise. Check out the descriptions below!

Kingsman: The Golden Circle - Taron Egerton

The Opening Scene to Kingsman: The Golden Circle

The first clip is the opening of the movie with the 20th-Century Fox logo.  Afterward, the sun shines through and reveals the Kingsman logo in front of the tailor shop. The camera zooms out and The Golden Circle appears below the Kingsman logo. At this instant, Eggsy exits the store and fixes his tie.

A mysterious voice suddenly says,“Eggy, you mind if I share a cab?” It’s Charlie Hesketh—the prick from the first film. He walks towards Eggsy and points a gun at him. Suddenly, an English taxi cab arrives in front of Eggsy and Charlie. Eggsy puts his hand underneath the car door handle and a laser scans his hand.

“Pete get out of here!” Eggsy yells as the both of them enter the car. Without delay, a car chase and fight scene happen inside the car. During the fight, they hit the radio and Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” comes on. Eggsy tases him and Charlie says, “that ain’t gonna work this time, mate.” They continue fighting as Charlie reveals that he now has a bionic arm.

A car hits the taxi and Eggsyis thrown outside of the car. He hangs onto the taxi and the next thing you know, he sees a car coming. As you’ve seen in the trailer, he jumps onto the top of the car in slow motion. Shortly after, Charlie kicks him and Eggsy is outside of the taxi again. This time he’s being dragged while on top of the detached taxi door. He drags himself to the trunk, opens it, and gets inside.

All of a sudden, you see a small knife cutting a hole into the backseat of the taxi. It’s the Oxford shoe blade from the first film. Eggsy tries to stab Charlie with it but the blade breaks off and hits Pete, the driver, instead. The car crashes into another car and Charlie is thrown outside the front window. Eggsy gets into the driver’s seat, hits a switch, and the taxi suddenly starts changing its wheels. By the time the wheels change, a brand new car chase occurs.

A car with a Gatling gun starts chasing after him.

“Head south. You need to clear the area first,” Merlin tells Eggsy. The car chase goes through most of London with some awesome Fast & Furious style drift scenes. Eggsy crashes through the gate to Hyde Park as three enemy cars continue to chase him. Eggsy launches a trio missile in the air and destroys all of the cars.

“No time relax, there’s some police right behind you. Meet up at the rendezvous point,” Merlin tells Eggsy. “Merlin, you know I don’t have a windscreen right now…” Eggsy replies. “If I remember your training, I seem to remember that you’re good at holding your breath.”

With a smile, Eggsy starts to drive the car into the water and begins to hold his breath. The car begins to transform into a submarine and moves through the water. The police arrive at the river and are unable to find him. The camera pans underwater as you see Eggsy entering Kingsman HQ. The water level lowers and Eggsy is safe.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle - Channing Tatum

The Statesmen meet the Kingsmen

The scene opens with the Eggsy and Merlin with a tour group at Statesman Bourbon Distillery in Kentucky. Eggsy and Merlin sneak from the tour group to hack into the secret entrance of the Statesmen HQ. “F*cking hell,” Eggsy says.

“It’s a shame it’s not Scotch,” Merlin says. They walk inside a warehouse full of wooden barrels. “If my calculations are correct then this is the entrance.” Merlin hits the barrel and liquor starts to come out. In a panic, Merlin tries to close the hole with the palm of his hand.

“Y’know us Southerners say that we get our charm from you Brits. But I must say that I don’t see it right now,” a man with a Southern accent said. Suddenly, Agent Tequila (Channing Tatum) appears from out of the shadows.“Uh. Hi. We’re the Kingsmen. We’re the tailor shop in England,” Eggsy says.

“Uh. Hi. We’re the Kingsmen. We’re the tailor shop in England,” Eggsy says.

“Oh, the Kingsman… That’s where you guys got those nice looking suits, right? So, are you saying that a tailor is able to break into a biometric lock with just a watch…” At this instant, Eggsy has a shocked look on his face. “Tell me who you really work for,” Tequila says as he points his rifle at them. Quickly, a fight between Eggsy and Tequila begins. During the fight, Agent Tequila knocks out Merlin and the bourbon begins to pour from the barrel. All of a sudden, Tequila spits tobacco chew to close the hole.

“That’s Statesmen Reserve you just spilled,” he says. “You just made it personal.” Then Agent Tequila puts Eggsy in a headlock and uses his watch to tase and knock out Eggsy.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle - Julianne Moore

Meet Poppy

The clip begins with a fly by over a jungle. Meanwhile, a voiceover from Poppy (Julianne Moore) starts to play. “My drugs are everywhere. They were never my thing, but here I am running the biggest drug cartel in the world,” she says. “The downside is that I get to live in the loneliest island in the world.” The camera then pans through a city full of nostalgic 50s buildings. “I grew up on all that awesome 50s, and I think it’s important to hear the history of The Golden Circle.” Next, the camera pans inside a 50s diner where Poppy is talking to two gentlemen.

“You guys hungry? Make yourself right at home,” she tells them. You find out that one of the men, Charlie, is bringing in a recruit for Poppy’s organization. Unfortunately for Charlie, Poppy knows of his big mistake. Henceforth, Poppy starts to talk about loyalty and how important it is to this organization. At the same time, Charlie continually nods to every question she gives.

“It’s easy to nod, isn’t it… I like easy. It’s like proof,” she tells him.Poppy turns to Angel, the recruit, and says “hey, your old pal messed up. So, put him in the grinder, okay?” Everyone laughs, but the two men are doing it nervously. When Charlie realizes that Poppy is being serious, he starts to run. She whistles and two robotic dogs come out from their dog houses within the diner. Charlie tries to run but he gets stopped by the dogs. Bennie

Without delay, Poppy turns to Angel, the recruit, and says “Hey, your old pal messed up. So, put him in the grinder, okay?” Everyone laughs, but the two men are doing it nervously. Suddenly Charlie realizes that Poppy is being serious, so he starts to run. She whistles and two robotic dogs come out from their dog houses within the diner. Charlie tries to run but he gets stopped by the dogs at the entrance.

By the time Charlie starts backing up, Angel knocks him out and carries him into the grinder. The next thing you know, Charlie is being ground into hamburger meat. Poppy stops the grinder as Charlie’s legs are still in the air. Next, hamburger meat drops from the grinder.

“See that tailor? Head there for your makeover,” Poppy says with a smile. All of a sudden, Poppy grabs some of the hamburger meat and puts it on the grill.

“Please take off your shirt,” the robotic assistant tells Angel. He takes off his shirt and is strapped onto a gurney. Angel’s teeth are sanded and his fingerprints are lasered out. Next, a golden circle is burned into the body. Angel walks back into the diner and meets up with Poppy again. As soon as he sits at the counter, Poppy hands Angel a hamburger. His eyes turn to the grinder with Charlie’s legs still in the air. Afraid for his life, Angel reluctantly eats it.

“How is it?” Poppy asks with a smile. “It’s delicious,” Angel says with a nervous smile.

Poppy tells Angel with a smile, “Welcome to the golden circle.”

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle hits theaters on September 20th.

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